The flick serve is a great alternative to the short serve in the backhand The short serve – we have here It’s only by stretching our arm then we have the flick serve exactly the same movement but then in the last second, you push with your thumb and point to the area where you want your flick serve to land like this! So the flick serve is a lot about holding the right grip and it’s about having a lot of space in your hand just like this.
And then when I try to hit the shuttle – feeling that I am squeezing the shuttle so when I am about to hit I am squeezing the shuttle like this Okay That’s the secret you must hold loose.
If you’re trying to do a flick serve like this it will be very easy for your opponent to see So you must have a lot of space in here and then when you hit the shuttle, you kind of squeeze here You kind of squeeze your racket into your hand you should actually turn the shuttle towards the corner where you want the shuttle to land That’s quite smart