Strategy 1: when you give the shuttle very close to the net you need to stand near the net if the opponent lifts, no need to worry,you will have enough time to go back if the opponent also gives the shuttle close to the net you should try to tap and finish the rally “You need to go to the center after each shot” is not true While practicing footwork you should go to the center It is not the case in an actual game Strategy 2: If you Lift or make a Clear to the right side do not wait at the center you should shift slightly to the right of the center The player in the black has hit a lift to the right corner As you can see, he is not standing at the center but slightly to the right of the center The player in Red doesn’t stand at the center he has shifted his center Why should we do this? If the opponent hits straight then we are waiting in the right side itself we would be able to reach the shuttle early If the opponent hits cross court then the shuttle takes more time to travel diagonal distance we will have enough time to reach the shuttle Strategy 3 When you hit a smash the shuttle speed is really fast So a return to a smash mostly comes close to the net The player in red has hit a smash and as you can see he runs straight to the net.Does not go to the center If you have a good smash then it is going to be difficult to give a return not close to the net Player in the black hits a smash and runs straight ahead By doing this he is able to take the shuttle early and finish the rally using a tap If you think you have hit a really good smash then you should run straight ahead to the net Strategy 4: If you feel that the opponent is about to hit a smash then you should take a step back and increase the distance between your legs Player in Red has noticed that player in Black is about to smash That is why he takes a step back This makes it easier to return a smash Always keep in mind that you should try to reach the shuttle as early as possible Keeping this 4 points in mind at once is difficult You could Focus on 1 point a week You will be able to internalize all 4 points in 4 weeks It is alright if you watch this video time and again :p