The stick smash movement can be on many
places on court. It can be where you have the shot very close to the net and
you want to hit it very very steep it can also be a flick serve where you don’t
have time to rotate to a power smash it can also be at the position of a power
smash where you want it to look like a power smash but just in the end you add
the small kickback movements to add the the quick steep smash instead. I will
show you some different views on that some different examples on on where to
use it on court but what’s really important is how to generate all that
power. You need to have loose fingers you need to have the wrist in the right
position when you’re doing it. If the wrist is like this we can´t rotate
the forearm to generate all the power so your wrist
needs to be in position where we can rotate the arm to generate the power. So the power comes from the finger
powers, from the rotation up here, and of course from your upper body as well. So
with the elbow that starts the movement of course your upper body rotates a
little bit around but it’s not that important as it is in the power smash in
the power smash we really want to rotate our body to get the full blown attack on
the smash, but here it’s more in the arms, more in the shoulder and your
upper body, and of course the rotation in your arm, and when you hit the shuttle
when you rotate and tighten up your arm and your shoulder and your fingers, you
need to use the kickback movement, and the kickback movement is this one, okay
so it’s like the lasso that adds some extra power to the shot,
and it’s very important that the timing of the kickback movement is right on the
shuttle, if you hit the shuttle it needs to come right when you hit it just to
really kick the shuttle away, if you hit the shuttle but go back too late well
you don’t have the advantage of using the kickback movement. One thing you can do to generate more
power, or at least to be able to generate more power, is to use small tools to be
stronger in your shoulder, your forearm, and your wrists and your fingers down
here. A power trainer is a really good choice on doing that because you can
still do the movement the correct movement in this smash. A power trainer is
a normal racket that’s just very very heavy, so it’s it’s heavier than my
normal racket and that would put more pressure on my muscles all the way up,
making me stronger. So as you can see I’m really really using a lot of power I’m
using all the power I got in every shot thanks a lot for watching this stick
smash video, I hope that you liked it I hope that you can see what I do what’s
going on and I really hope that you can train in out your own, getting a lot of
power on these shots. They are really really good and have the variation in
your attack is especially in the doubles but of course also in the singles with
all different angles on court you can use. Please just write all your questions
below I will do my best to answer them all and just keep on watching this
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