Second point of how the elbow should be used now the second point when elbow is back between the forearm, the second part of the arm should, must get close to each other like this why? because its close to each other its banded because its banded together it can be stretched, it can be opened so watch this tight here because its tight I can open it I can generate more power from there to like this like boxer 2 arms close each other so power can come out from here to there like this, like that but because if their, boxers arm is wider like that there is no power can be made and slow it should be tighter same in my experience 5-6 out of 10 players, club players some juniors, they don’t make this tight they already open it now because elbow is already opened they cannot generate any more power because it is already opened watch this tight I can stretch I open it I have to do like this because they open it they hit it there if I make tighter, I can stretch my arm in front of my body which is right so many players hit above their head because they already open it and hit like that watch this please focus on my elbow ok this is right way ok have a look tight because it is tight I can stretch there, there now wrong way because it is already opened I can’t go in front I have to hit like this so much difference if racket is inside my body elbow tight you have all the power, look there now, you can’t do this way hit if you have this one compare right tight tight open so, do not ready like this make your posture inside, small compact because it is compact you can use it in explosive way like this tight and then tight and then bang stretch already stretched nothing to stretch here tight not like this