Smash Defence in Doubles (1) Wall hitting practice-1 Please watch the wall hitting training to improve your smash defense watch our 3 players I have not done this training with them yet so they will do the way they believe how it should be done have a look when I saw 3 players the way to do it there are 3 things which are missing number 1 the feet movement number 2 the racket position number 3 the posture the 3 things are missing ok watch this in badminton there is always one what so ever so the one has to be in this training too watch my feet 1 2 1 2 look hit 1 2 so hit and ready hit ready hit ready hit ready this has to be in there but the way they did it was stop and then hitting Compare 1 2 look hit 1 2 so their training unlikely use the real match