Smash Defence in Doubles (6) Push and Defence Practice-I One of the most important practice is push and defence in doubles my partner stand at net hitting down I will defence his attack to the net this is kind of bread and butter practice every player whether regardless singles or doubles especially for doubles and mixed doubles players they have to do this one many many times with good quality every body does it but the result of the practice is different depending on how they do it please look my players how they do it go if 10 is perfect I will give three of them about 7 but 3 is missing out of 3 2 is missing by their focus one is missing by their techniques what I mean by that ok watch this Perry go when you look their practice style it looked fine ok I will copy that what they did it how they did it can you see any thing missing here yes something is missing the all three players use their bone and their muscle not their soul what do you mean its total focus so all my emotions go to the shuttlecock together the stage what I want players to be in is the stage they don’t have to ask them to work hard because its already there its already together opponnent his all body his all focus, emotions are together that is the practice that is pure quality practice that way there is no time to be disappointed when he hit net watch this lots of players do that every mistake he is distracted you know why he is distracted because he is not focusing he is not with it that’s why he is distracted by every single mistake he shows, he tells everybody I disappointed because I made mistake but it is completely opposite when you make mistake it does not matter, he is still ready for next one and then next one it does not matter does not matter he is in a way not assisted he is with it already there that kind of quality training is what I am looking for that kind of player I am looking for but not very often see player who put everything in every single shot you may tell to me Lee its just badminton just hitting the shuttlecock if you have that kind of attitude if a player have such kind of attitude he will never achieve anything why? the player who does this kind of quality training still loses many times but if you don’t do this quality training there is no chance my final words your life as badminton player is too short to use your muscle and bone only from today put your soul and put your bone and muscles use them to practice why? when you pass away your body become a dust what I am saving it for while you can use it do something before too late