Return of Low Service Singles Hello, I am Lee thanks for coming in this video I am going to show you how to return low service in singles there are 3 important points to remember 3 learning points I will explain one by one the first learning point which is sharp start with push off in order to get to the shuttle quicker and faster which is this ready like this in singles because of singles you stay little bit back and then shuttle comes opponent do low service then it will be better go to the shuttle very quickly and leave this area faster by this kind of action that service done then start start start have a look please when service comes there ok ready rather than just move to the shuttle the speed will be very slow little push by two feet two feet together until opponent actually hit the shuttle cock I have no idea whether he will hit flick or low or high so both legs, both feet should be having the same weight like this rather than left foot too much or right foot too much once again that here so now you can see with little push without push without push and the focusness is also important the posture and ready like this rather than ready like this slow and this posture, this posture to me, too casual number 2 learning point move your racket to the shuttle in shortest way like this ready and your racket, shuttle comes and your racket should go to the shuttle straight straight rather than like this or go down and go up it takes time I will show you straight to the shuttle straight to the shuttle straight to the shuttle rather than like this or like that again right way ready straight in this situation when you return just to return safely rather than try to get the point by returning low service more players are making mistake when they return low service than when they return high service so when a player make mistake they likely get nervous and make more mistakes so be safe and try to make rallies rather than finish by returning the service same safe again ready straight rather than go too tight try to take too tight net shot or attack too fast it increase the level of mistakes, in order to recap in returning low service number 1 serious posture and start with two feet quicker and number 2 move the racket to the shuttle in shortest way ready and then go ready and then go and number 3 make safe shot rather than try to make fancy shot so create more mistakes thank you