this is a racket review and it’s about
the racket that I use when I play matches it’s called hexagon to nine zero
zero it’s a bit offensive and that’s because there was some weight towards
the racket hit and it’s quite easy to swing through the air and that gives you
a lot of acceleration we would recommend this if you’re an offensive player and
if you want more power in your strokes and if the game case is quite fast as
well this racket has this unique feature
called the hexagon shaft which is only available for Kumpoo rackets I would
never play without it and why I would never play without it you can read in
the description it’s super cool this unique feature will enhance your game a
lot if you’re interested in purchasing this racket which I would really
recommend take a look at the webshop by the link in the description I would give
it 5 out of 5 stars