Positioning – Front players position one biggest thing that international players got be aware of what your partner is doing and he got be aware of what you are doing you got to do a lot of speed training around each other ok I would like to do little bit of merge training merge shuttle training to improve the front court movement and positioning the first practice will be when your partner is in good position to attack, he is not in trouble at all so you don’t have to worry back court at all you just concentrate to kill the shot from the net or intercept so when shuttle goes in the air you go with shuttle together and then ready goes ok ready try so relax and then go excellent ready relax go relax go relax very good there is another reason why move backward and forward is good many club players stand too close to the T it looks like a person go to gallery and watch huge picture in front of face like this he or she can’t see the full picture its same if a player stand here the view is very narrow but if he can go here his view is much wider also he can move wider court rather than standing here and his movement angle will be very small another one because he or she stand too close shuttle can pass her or him so they have to take shuttle side of them rather than in front of them if they take shuttle in front they will be ready fast for the next shuttle that’s the another one ok ready go relax go again again good very good ok ready relax again relax again go excellent very good what happens if you think your partner is in trouble for example, he or she smashed this corner and then they lift the other side so he or she is going to there so he is moving or she is moving and smash if they hit the other side it will be very difficult to go there again so now watch my feet, when your partner is in position to attacking, your feet will be side by side but if he is moving from there to there and you think he, your partner is in trouble he can’t make good attack then your feet position will be changed to defence that corner too, because it will be very difficult for him to go there, so your feet position will be changed like that so you cover that corner, that corner and that corner that’s when you are defensive, when you think your partner is in trouble so if your opponent return that corner you go so shall we try that one please go Positioning