Tobias Wadenka wants to win today. He plays badminton for TSV Neuhausen-Nymphenburg. 1. League. If I make two matches of course i hope to win two matches and contribute points but the overall goal is to earn points with the team We are far down in the table and it will be really hard but we will fight for every point and see what’s possible. Around 2 hours before the match starts: Even though Tobias plays in the first league he has to help. The players build up the courts, and only when everything is set the focus turns towards the matches. Pretalk with manager and doubles partner Tobias himself is captain. The preperation is done, now it is going to get serious. Now time to get ready and warmed up. The opponents are here with their full team and they are third in the league so it will be really tough, but we are in that league for matches like that and I am ready. [Musik] [Applaus] [Musik] Tobias plays two matches today. First of all the men’s doubles, and his team get’s a really good start. But the opponents are strong and it is a close match Actually Tobias plays on a high level but however, in the end Neuhausen looses closely. Ambivalent feelings right no because i made a super good match against a top 20 player in the world, we kept the level over five games and then lost just because of two points difference 11:9 in the fifth. With a little distance i will probably say good match but right now I am sad, because you want to win matches like that. Now Tobias has a break, afterwards he has another chance. Despite the excitment there are only around 100 spectators in the hall. Teammanager Philipp Blonck knows the reasons for that. It didn’t really establish because there was a huge focus on Tennis in terms of racket sports before and now ball games like soccer and basketball dominate. At the moment we are missing a famous player who everybody knows and who can push our sport forward. Back on court. Tobias now competes in the mixed doubles. When they win, TSV still has a chance on winning the whole team match and they get a good start. But in the end they come out on the loosing end again. Two close losses, but there is still hope for a happy end. If Neuhausen wins the last mensingles they at least earn one point. It looks good, and in the end also Tobias can chear. I am happy that we earned a point with the team, but some things to work on for me, so next time I can contribute with my matches. The next chance comes in two weeks. There TSV Neuhausen-Nymphenburg will face leagues top team Saarbrücken Bischmisheim.