in this video we’re gonna talk about the
flick serve return so in doubles when we want to return the shuttle standing here
we want to of course cover the net and attack the net but sometimes the
opponent does a flick serve and we still want to reach the shuttle and still be
able to force the offense so the first thing we want to focus on is the start
position we want to lean forward so we can reach a potential short service if
the serve is the flick serve we want to travel to the back court as fast as
possible so the first thing we want to focus on is to transfer the weight from
the front leg to the back leg after the transfer of the weight we want
to head into a fast side shuffle and then end with a China jump or scissor
jump so because we don’t have a lot of time to execute this shot we want to use
our forearm rotation right after the backswing so like this and hit okay we
don’t have a lot of time to do a big motion here when we land we want to still aim to be
in balance but if we’re not able to still be in balance it’s okay because we
have a doubles partner and he or she is going to cover the net let’s also talk about where we can hit
the shuttle if I do a cross shot the court would be wide open so we want
to aim for straight shots maybe in the middle or straight down the line that
would be preferable thanks for watching guys hope you
enjoyed it if you have any questions or comments leave them below will
appreciate that see you in the next video Thanks