so this is like level 1 it’s like a
series of films that we’re gonna do on our channel where we’re gonna teach you
the basic backcourt strokes so we’re gonna start with just teaching you how
to do the movement from the backcourt so you can do both you can do a clear, smash and cut. Not so much a stick but like the basic strokes from the back of the court.
So the movement with the racket and with your body. You should see this as an intro to our next videos we’re gonna call this
level 1 and then we’re gonna have level 2 and both smash clear and cut. In Level 1 we’re only gonna use shuttles. We are not gonna use our racket. It might be a bit
different from what you used to do in your practice so we’re just gonna do the
movement with the shuttle and just imagine that you have a racket in your
hand trying to hit a shuttle instead we’re just gonna throw them