How to improve finger and wrist power – Stage -1 I would like to show you how you can use racket head cover like this and I made the hole here so its not heavy so the hitting action can go quite fast other wise racket will go like these that’s why I made hole to practice the wrist, finger ok now, it can be done net play Tom by hands come closer, forehand yup, here tap so when you use your racket head cover try to tap it like this, look move this side I might hit you tap tap because its tap, it requires more power rather than follow through this is easy, yeah like this it should be tap ok, every time you do that if you do 10-15 times correctly it will be very hard ok watch this, here hold 1 when you practice this one, practice your feet before you go to the shot always do one like this ready 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 same idea here tap rather than tap tap tap tap if you can do that, practice your feet together like this tap tap wrong way tap tap tap that way you bring the finger and ready watch the feet ok ready 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 ready 1 2 3 ready 1 2 3 ready flick deceptive flick hold – too high hold hold – straight hold – cross straight ok now forehand same there there there ok ready smash defence throw yeah ready small tap here tap tap tap more importantly you can practice backhand clear too ready by hands same idea tap tap tap tap tap finally, you can practice smash this is tricky, if you don’t do well you can’t hit it with shuttle use racket ready if you want to make your wrist strong arm powerful, your finger powerful you can use this kind of cover, to develop it even you can practice at home watching TV take your cover out, sit in the arm chair and practice backhand lift backhand lift backhand clear if you have not done it before, you should do 10-15 hits without shuttle cock, rest and do it again, don’t do it too much one more when you have not done it before do not hold it here too heavy at the beginning hold it up here its bit easier and then you can go down