In this video I will talk about the
bevel grip. Grip in general is one of the most important areas in badminton. I
will show you some very very cool point of view videos about where to position
your fingers, and then I will have five different examples on where we use the
bevel grip. I will also show you that in some very very cool slow-motion footage
so you can see what’s going on. The bevel grip is where you have the
the smooth movement is where you have all the control, it is used where you do all
these nice and very precise shots, it’s a very delicate grip to have. Usually when
we use the bevel grip is also combined with very loose fingers, it’s combined
with the the nice touch to the shuttle the nice feeling there’s all the precise
shots when we have the bevel grip. When you have your thumb on the small
edge on the racket where we have the bevel grip, it’s also important to
mention these four fingers if they are all the way down here very close to each
other very tight, it’s not the best position to be in with your fingers to
have this smooth touch on the shuttle, so have loose fingers and have them a
little bit apart this one a little bit higher up than the other three, so these
two fingers are the fingers that’s doing all the control you have the control up
here with the thumb or the index finger.