What is step one? Why I must do the step one? ok now please have a look Tom’s movements with and without one He has been training with me for 5 years now ok Tom ready with one ready move go ready go go ready go go ready go go ready go as you see it because he is doing one he can push he can push push push one but no one now, I will ask him to move without one no one ready go you did one, don’t do one don’t do one go go, yeah you did one again don’t do it ready go fast no one ready you did one again ready he is not able to do it because he is trained that way go go because there is no push his movement will get started 3 times slower than with one let’s say because the shuttle is coming sharp let’s say opponent hit fast drop shot here if you do one after service if you do one 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 but if you don’t do one its far difficult, its not possible the real badminton without one you will be moving like caterpillar or a double decker bus but if you do one you will be moving like a butterfly or racing car ok, so where ever you go you have to do one today I have demonstrated to you what is step one why players must do it how important the step one is now, the detail of step one will be followed in the following videos thank you