Follow Lee – Lesson 1 – 3 The Net Kill (How to hit) How to hit there are 3 types in net kill number 1 with bigger swing when shuttle is bit heigh definitely finish it number 2 when shuttle is reasonably heigh I cannot make big swing because its quite tight we have to do the tap number 3 when shuttle is too tight so if you tap it more likely you will touch the net then you have to brush it so 3 different techniques ok watch this please How to do power net kill ok this is power kill power kill ready shuttle is bit heigh here you definitely kill it bang but make strong action in front of you like this here in front but many of them when shuttle is in the air they think its already finished they are so excited, yes good chance good chance ya they do too big swing so they make mistake ok this is the right way, shuttle bit quite heigh but making strong action, but make the action in front of you here here the wrong way, big circle swing ya its big watch again right way here here, there not like that same backhand same idea in front there bang but same they do make too big swing this is right way power but the action is made in front of my body here there ya throw to me the wrong way ya its too big change bang bang not like this How to do tap net kill ok when shuttle is not too tight, not too heigh middle then tap hold tap ok thats tap now the technique the racket face must be faced the shuttle cock before I hit ready, racket face should be facing the shuttle cock and then hit watch face hit there face it tap face it tap face the shuttle face face it rather than changing grip hitting same time change hit change hit it takes bigger swing and takes more time compare there tap face focus on my racket, ready shuttle is coming, before you hit the shuttle cock your racket face must face the shuttle cock and then tap it face it tap it face it tap the advice of this technique is look face it block face it tap face it lift so you have all the options but if you don’t do that you are already committed one way of shot so changing grip hitting the shuttle cock same way change hit change hit no change – hit so I am already, do that when my face, racket face facing the shuttle cock I am not only holding the shuttle cock I am holding my opponent because once I do that they know all the options I have so they have to wait, I am not giving any signal indication what am I going to do to my opponent ok watch it, compare again face it tap it face it change mind face it lift compare to just go and hit I am not saying I can do that because I spend 40 years or more I have been teaching all different age groups all ability if player believe it and will and desire to do it they can do it I have seen it, some of them they change in 1 day ok now how to tap it tap hit the shuttle forward when your racket moves backward but I came across many times with club players because they are hitting shuttle forward and they have idea I must use wrist and they are forcing it like this they are forcing it forcing it like this because they want to kill it it looks like when you shave your face you should use blade but it looks like you are using ox or axe you are using axe to cut your hair here so look this is blade this is axe do not use axe to kill the bird use blade tap hit the shuttle forward, when your racket moves backward ok same, same idea hit shuttle forward when your racket moving backwards don’t use axe ok use sharp flash power I will give you impression, what kind of things you should imagine this is your friend, he does not know you are behind you want to surprise him then what would you do [boo] [boo] like that [boo] you wouldn’t try to surprise him [boooo] because he will not be surprised [boooo] no it should be [boo] hit shuttle cock like that [boo] ya tap another impression, lets say this is boiling kettle you want to check how hot that is would you touch and then like that no, if you do that it will burn you will do it, like that immediately touch it and you will move back that is the idea ok like that come closer watch this tap tap ok, not this way, this is burning hands technique rather than tap tap tap tap tap tap so look another benefit of doing that continue 2,3 times watch this you tap you are ready ok faster hit ready hit ready hit ready hit ready hit ready hit ready if you do that you can’t do that you can’t one more tap ready tap ready ready ready tap ready tap ready ready ready How to do brush net kill last one the brush when shuttle is not coming forward, coming down very tight so you can’t tap it, you might touch the net then you have to make little bit bigger swing slightly bigger but you make little bit sharper, with side ways preventing you to touch the net, watch this tighter what you are trying to do, when shuttle goes little bit up you must take it, when shuttle goes down too late you will hit the net, shuttle will hit the net that time, you have to hit it but when shuttle goes down like that then you can’t, you have to hit it upwards then they might kill it so too late ok, because of that when shuttle is coming like that watch my racket here even you do little bigger swing brush you have to go to the shuttle and then touch ok look go touch not here and then do that, it takes too big swing same backhand should go straight and then touch there not like this, ya its too big there there you are ready, your racket should be there and then hit it there hit not like this, too big backhand go hit go to the shuttle go to the shuttle – hit not there – like that You can access Follow Lee – Lesson 2 (The Defence) at Lee Jae Bok