Level Doubles – Correction Move Faster than the shuttlecock You should have a fraction of time to set before you hit the shuttlecock Tim one more thing I made point last time but has not been improved is you are moving back to the rear corner not fast enough, you are moving with shuttlecock wrong way, this is what I see you are doing in the match this is Tim like that higher like this so you go with shuttle on the way you hit it so what happens, after you hit it you can’t move back you are hitting it with loosing balance so opponent can see what you are doing very easily it should be changed, go and then hit so you have to get quicker, wait hold it and then make shot higher like that and do this so like that and then drop what you do higher like this ok James will demonstrate wrong way ya like that ok right way get back quickly, yes get back quick and get back get back the wrong way right way wrong way CoachingBadminton.com