Welcome to this Double Rotation Tutorial My name is Diemo Ruhnow I am currently Head Coach Doubles for Badminton Germany Today we will talk about the wide attacking system or Malay system as this is the way how the Malaysian doubles often solv situations To be able to play this system both players must be especially able to cover their own half court back and forth easily. Like in the video before we will start with a situation where the shuttle is in the right back court corner Both pairs will position themselves in the following way Player 2 moves the the shuttle Player 1 goes a step forward covering the net. The defending pair moves to the side. Player 2 can now attack with different shots. If its the smash, he has 4 options Smash longline, in between both players, the middle and cross court Smash longline makes less sense. It would be to easy for the defense to play into the gap. The longline block is the Achilles heel of this system. because the traveling distance would be quite short. Aim of the attack is that the defense has to play into the reach of Player 1 – the net player. so that he or she can kill the shuttle. Now we have a look at the possible returns of the defense after a not-longline smash. As we said before, the longline block the Achilles heel of that system. Will the shuttle be places here, one of the players has to run for it, mostly Players 2, and loose the attack. Cross Block or cross drive counter defense perfect for the attacking pair right into the racket of P1 Longline drive is also a possibility. But this is also good for the attack Player 2 after his smash goes a bit forward and is therefore in a good position for that. Longline clear is also easy for Player 2 The cross high clear defense is somewhat special in that system. Player 1 takes it in the “Malay” system. If the clear is high, there is enough time if the clear is flat, Player 1 has to jump to cover it. A whole rally could look like this: Player 1 serves to start. A lift is played into the back court. All four players move into their new positions Player 1 covers as Malay system Player 2 smashes to the middle moves forward The defense will be to the backcourt with a high clear Player 1 takes the shuttle and Player 2 covers the net cross. Defense moves to the side. Player 1 smashes in between moves into the court The shuttle will be defended cross flat And player 2 kills it. Again… Hope you like the video – then leave a positiv thumb up feel free to comment and share and subscribe for the new series LIVE from the hall See You – Bye Bye 🙂