As feeder we try to set up the situation to pull the attacker from back to midcourt There he has different possibilities if he plays a short one in front of Sophie she could stay at the net if he wants to but he also can take the net for himself if he thinks this is a better decision but he could also play a hard flat one and both players would stay side by side He could also tell her to go forward or stay forward Sophie would close the net and Mirco would go back Lets have a try From this position where Sophie was in the backcourt the more she plays the net shot on Mirco’s side the more is it a sign for him to stay forward If she would play longline, she would go forward A few more rallies now – and you have to follow When we practice now, we only play Indonesian system Sophie has to cover the whole backcourt and Mirco waits for his chances at the net That is Indo system Backcourt players takes the back Net player the net Possibilities to change is when one player is at one side far outside If so that is what we saw at the beginning Play for your net player of follow through yourself This is the Indonesian system Let try!