Correction – Backhand Clear (2) Richard-2 Next one you are following through watch this so you are hitting like that shuttle goes and you hit with follow through Question – Why you take backhand? Because you are late when you are late, you don’t have time to make big swing let’s say you are here shuttle goes back you don’t have time to do this so you go and then follow through now cock that way it does not matter today you do what I say the way I ask you to do and you only hit 3 meters but please continue it week by week you will hit much longer watch this please here cock shuttle came tap higher please back here so you cock it like that so shuttle is coming from there I changed direction cocked and at the impact practice the tap instead of like this so watch this this is what I am asking you to try cock grip, cocked like this vertical not like this vertical shuttle goes yeah back here wrong way the way I am asking you tap I will guarantee you soon you will be much happier with your backhand but please do it with total belief don’t just try and hope something will happen to you that does not work