Hi Guys,I am Kartik and Today we will learn how to hit a clear Clear is hit from one back lobby to the other back lobby The highlighted area denotes the two back lobbys Clear is a defensive stroke When you are completely out of position,then you should hit a very high Clear.By doing this you will get time to get back to the center court When you are hitting a Clear,do not bring your hand behind like this, Your elbow should go back as shown Now,You need to move your arm like this This is the correct way to move the arm This action is very important This action is important You should bend your wrist backward and hold the racket tightly just before you hit the shuttle Your fingers are also a source of power Try to hit the shuttle from above your head Avoid hitting like this Your non-racket hand should be up as shown This will help you keep your balance Do not bring the racket down here This is the correct follow through Bring your right leg ahead as you hit the shuttle You should also turn your waist as shown I think that keeping all these points in your head before making the shot is very tough According to me the best way of learning is to observe how I am hitting the shuttle and just try to imitate my action You can record yourself hitting a clear and then check if you are following all the points mentioned Let’s learn how you can practice to improve your clears If you are a complete beginner Then you can practice like this If you can hit the shuttle properly then you should practice as shown You should do this drill for 15 minutes Try to hit the shuttle near the corners If your are very comfortable hitting Clears then you can practice as shown Doing this will improve your court speed A friend will take 20 shuttles in his hand and and then he will feed them randomly as shown Do three sets of 20 shuttles as a start Make sure your footwork is correct If your are a complete beginner then you are going to take 1-2 months to get the hang of this You will make a lot of mistakes at first,it is very normal Try not get frustrated If you think that this video is Clearly explained,then please Like ,Share and Subscribe 🙂