Backhand Spin Net Play Backhand spin net play in singles there are different ways of slice in net play but in this technique, players who are playing singles they must know this technique and be able to perform well because if they do, then they can finish they can end the rallies when shuttle is coming from opponent backhand side to my backhand side, which is a cross angle then this is great opportunity to make very much spin in net play like this I will show you first what I mean but because shuttle is flying that way racket is moving the other side so the power crush which makes difficult to control its better to control same direction so it gives more spin like this compare this like this and by this the rally can be end because even if the opponent lift it they cannot lift it properly because of spin ok now techniques and grip first of all the grip is important this one very sensitive so the grip has to be very gentle and the racket should be hold by the end of the finger areas because that area has got more feelings rather than holding racket in palm area which is very thick feelings there so have a look very closely here thumb straighted second finger straighted and here little bit of room here so the center palm is not touching here and then between this one and this one there should be room because these two fingers are controlling fingers changing angle fingers if this finger goes like this together then there is 4 power fingers and only 1 control finger so this is not in use so in order to use that one player needs 2 fingers from both sides like this ok so very sharp feelings in this players hands now, the racket movement it is not flat movement player must move semi circle like this little bit like that like that so shuttle is there spin like this, so it can make more spin rather than just flat also this hand fingers should be moving like this this is right that is wrong like this semi circle rather than flat its not right semi circle semi circle so little bit of finger so this semi circle can be made by using little bit of fingers, ok have a look again and in order to make more spin the racket movement should be starting from right hand side go left hand side so its wider spin wider movement rather than start from center to here which is this start from here to there here to there its too small space there rather you should go wider from here to there there – there as you see it generates more spin now the step when you hit the shot the right foot should land together it gives you better control and better feelings like this have a look together impact, impact of the shuttle impact of the shuttle and the racket foot try to watch together together ok its not land hit, no like this together one more thank you for visiting IBBS I hope you find this video enjoyable and beneficial to you thank you