Three different types of backhand drive How many kinds of backhand drives are there can you guess I think there are 3 do you know which 3 they are I will show you number 1 attack power drive when you take shuttle little bit higher than net like this yup like that you go all wrist little bit lower please yup like that yup power drive now second one you can’t use this power drive when shuttle is coming flat flat if you try to do the power drive it might hit net or it can easily go to outside when shuttle is flying flat I call it tap drive hold tap using your fingers, not wrist yes wrist little bit have a look hold hold hold and hit hold hit so minimize your racket action and hit shuttle like you throw dart so its not powerful but its sharp some times this kind of technique is better than the power drive because it is much sharper watch again hold it hold tap hold hold but that way if you change mind you hold it block you hold it drive you hold it lift once you hold you can do all different shots number 3 when shuttle goes to lower than net no point to tap because lower tap only goes up or tap goes to the net when shuttle is going lower, its better control it how to control it push it through push it through, not in this way, this is wrong it takes too long firm but sharp watch this number 3 little longer please you hold it and you guide where you want to hit and that way it goes safer watch again number 1 – power number 2 – tap sharp drive number 3 – push drive lower the net hold push hold