ok backhand clear number 1 point how to use the wrist to make good backhand clear now lets say I am ready like that, shuttle is flying from there to my backhand side with out racket my palm should be facing that side like this like door handle is there, like that and then your wrist should be working that way this is the way to generate maximum power but many club players they use their palm facing that way and bend writs like this this is not right if I hit over there my palm should face there and then should be using that way ok my racket face is facing that side where I am hitting to but my palm should be faced that side that way if you look from there, my knuckles should be seen not my wrist no power wrist has to be cocked and your wrist should be used that way ok watch this, shuttle is there please there you will be using power ok if I do that way no power, never bend this way on your backhand clear backhand drop shot, backhand drive anything backhand never bend this way like this your backhand all the shots must be cocked cocked like this like that and then your racket goes, racket face to the shuttle cock that way you can use your wrist if I do that way it will look like this so number 1 cock this way ok