You know I can still remember what it was like to be part of my first junior cricket team Joining my mates at training Playing on the weekends Sharing lots of fun times Back then playing for Australia was just a dream It was about having a go Learning to bat and bowl and catch and throw But more than anything it was about belonging Cricket is about so much more than just the individual It’s about having a go Being with your friends The satisfaction and joy of being part of a team Sadly for thousands of Australian kids with Autism the simple joy of being part of their local junior cricket club is something they’re missing out on We know it’s tough for kids with autism when it comes to things like sport There are real barriers to their involvement barriers that understandably make
coaches and even parents reluctant to introduce these kids to their club
environment Autism WA wants to change that We’ve created a special program that makes it easier to break down those barriers This program is about giving coaches, umpires, parents and of course the other team members the power to take the one in 80 Australian children diagnosed with Autism off the sidelines and into the game You can sign up today to become an
Autism inclusive club but signing up is just start Autism WA is here to help make it as easy as possible with our experts on hand they’ll lend advice provide practical support as well as a wide range of easily accessible resources to make it easier for everyone Just imagine what it would be like for you for your club to be part of something very special this summer Come on join the team