Hola amigos, Stuart here from Spain
speaks Feliz 2020 I am here in Australia and I’m going to do a
comparative video on the two countries look at a few of the things that we can
compare obviously they are quite difficult countries to compare in
certain aspects but I’m gonna have a look at a few things and give my
opinions on the good things and the bad things about those aspects so let’s go
you know before I begin just the shout out for the people that are suffering
because of the serious bush fires on the east coast of Australia or the East
Coast the South basically all around the country at the moment so why just to let
you know that our thoughts are with you now the first thing I’m going to talk
about one of the main differences between Spain and Australia is this it’s
the outdoor living aspect and I’ll explain a little bit more in a second now
when it comes to outdoor living it’s pretty hard to beat Australia I mean if
you are into swimming, surfing, boating, fishing any outdoor activity this is
definitely the country in Spain you can do those things don’t get me wrong Spain
has a lot of coastline but it’s not as accessible as it is here all of those
activities in Australia are very very easy to do and very very accessible and
you will see people doing them at all times of the day especially in the
summer months as you can see a place like this is an absolute paradise and it
is accessible it’s only an hour away from Perth which is the capital city of
Western Australia and I’m sure that in a lot of other places in Australia you’ve
got somewhere similar to this now places like this do exist in Spain
but they’re not as accessible and that’s one of the big issues that I have with
living in Spain ok there’s people in the streets in the
cities there’s people out and about doing things but you don’t have access
to places like this as easily as you do here in my opinion at least and that’s
one of the big thumbs up of living in a place like Australia compared to Spain
now another one of the big differences between Spain and Australia are the
timetables here everything happens early in some of the sun’s up at about 5
o’clock in the morning and it goes down at about 7:30 in the
evening in Spain it’s a little bit later and that’s something that also affects
the way that people do things so for example here people in general are
morning people there’s lots of people doing activities early in the morning
you go to the beach sometimes at 7:00 a.m. you’ll see people doing their thing
they’ll be doing their yoga class they’ll be walking along the beach
they’ll be doing some exercise whereas in Spain people don’t normally hit the
beach until around 11 o’clock but they’re there a lot longer in the
afternoon here in Western Australia in Perth specifically it’s almost
impossible to go to the beach in the afternoon because it’s very very windy
and that also determines the way people get about and do their things so
basically I’d sum it up by saying that here people like to get things done in
the morning whereas in Spain people like to get
things done later in the afternoon which means the day’s can be really
really long and here of course there are a lot shorter because people who have
dinner earlier whereas in Spain people have dinner very very late now another aspect that the two
countries have in common is that they both have a lot of coastline as we can
see behind me I have the Indian Ocean and for me there’s no doubt that this is
one of the better options when it comes to beaches and just general beach life
here the beach life is wild it’s fantastic you’ve got endless kilometres
of white beaches and the water in summer is super warm it is a great place to go
to the beach and you can always find a beach that’s not crowded you can find
beaches with people or if you want to be on your own it’s very easy to find a
remote beach so here at the beaches in my opinion win hands-down alright so I’m
back in Perth and I think I’ll talk now about the style of living in cities here
in Australia I’m in the middle of one of the suburbs here in Perth this is where
I grew up this was the suburb that I lived all my life before I went to Spain
and you would think that I’m in the middle of the bush here as you can see
there’s not a lot of houses around except for the ones in the background
there but if I turn around here you’ll be able to see that we have the typical
Australian suburb here or at least a typical suburb in this part of Australia
and if I turn around this way you will see that we have a fantastic park behind
me here an Australian rules football ground and there’s also a baseball
ground over there as well so that’s one of the main differences with the cities
here in Australia they are really spread out and Perth is a city which is also
very very extensive from north to south there’s a central area where a lot of
the offices are a lot of people go into the city to work every day that’s where
all the big companies are but there’s a lot of activity in the suburbs in Perth
where everybody lives not many people live in the center of the city although
there is a bit of a trend to try to get people into more urban type housing
because this type of housing that we see here I’ll just turn around again this
type of housing that we see over here is a
a bit expensive nowadays and people are looking for cheaper alternatives and
they’re moving into town houses closer to the city and also in this area here
there’s a lot more townhouses now the idea of living in a single house like
this with a big back garden and a big front yard as well becoming less common
although people are still looking for that dream now when it comes to getting
around in a city like this it is not easy there is a public
transport system but people are very dependent on cars and that’s a big
difference in Spanish cities as well if you’re living in the center of a Spanish
city you will know that the public transport is normally very very good in
a city like Madrid of course you’ve got buses Metro light trains here you’ve
really got a bus system which isn’t too bad it’s not the best and there’s also a
train system which goes from north to south and also to some of the East areas
as well but as I said people are very dependent on cars now another factor of
living in a city in Australia is that there’s a lot of outdoor living I
mentioned that before there’s a lot of outdoor activities happening and people
spend a lot of times in their gardens in their backyards enjoying with friends
and family so you don’t see a lot of people on the street in fact if we turn
around here now you won’t see anybody walking on these streets here which is
the exact opposite of a Spanish city which are normally quite crowded but
sort of you could compare this a little bit with where I live in Spain in a
residential area but there are a lot of differences now you have to be careful
walking in this area because there are snakes and other creatures that you can
come across I saw a snake this morning when I was running through here so
always got to keep your wits about you when you’re walking in Australian
bushland now another big difference between Spain
and Australia is when it comes to food now I’m not going to say that food and
Australia is bad in fact it is quite good when I was growing up Australia was
a real cultural backwater when it came to food but nowadays you can get good
international cuisine and even some good local cuisine in a lot of places and
there’s a lot more attention to detail when it comes to
food and a lot more variety of restaurants in Spain you’re going to get
good Spanish food you don’t really get good international food in my opinion
because they don’t have that multicultural aspect that we have here
in Australia in Australia there are a lot of people from different countries
and they’re brought all of their recipes here using local ingredients
and that is a definite Pro for the food in this country in Spain you got to get
a lot of Spanish variety you’re gonna get a lot of food from the north of
Spain you’ll get restaurants from the south
you’ll get restaurants from different parts of Spain but you don’t get that
multicultural aspect and that’s also true when it comes to the people as well
this is a very multicultural country whereas Spain is not so multicultural in
my opinion in Spain you’re going to get a lot of the different Spanish areas
people mixing like you had the Basques the Galicians the Asturians the people
from other regions living amongst each other but when it comes to people from
different countries Spain has a long way to go in that regard
obviously it has become more multicultural over the years but nothing
like it is here and of course that is one of the reasons why the cuisine is so
varied in this country now here’s this park that I was talking about before
this is a park it’s about a hundred meters away from where my parents live
and as you can see it’s fairly big you wouldn’t really find anything like this
in a Spanish city and these parks are all over the place here in Perth every
every neighborhood has something similar labour not as good as this one because
this one’s been here for quite a while so maybe if you go to some of the newer
suburbs you’re not gonna get one like this surrounded by native bush land but
there are a lot of parks in this city and a lot of places where you can
exercise walk the dog and just enjoy the general flora and fauna of Australia now of course the negative aspect of
Australia it’s what’s a negative in it’s a
positive but one of the negative aspects of Australia is its location it’s a long
way away from Europe especially close to Asia of course but you’re about a four
or five hour plane ride into Asia from here and people are a lot more set in
their cities at least in Western Australia I mean to go to the other side
of the country is about four hours by plane two hours and a half I think is
the closest city to Adelaide so people really stay in the cities here in
Australia they don’t move around a lot and of course you don’t have that
ability that you do in Europe of traveling to a different country within
a couple of hours and that’s one of the big problems and Australia is absolutely
huge if you compare it to Spain of course I don’t know what the exact size
difference is but probably Australia is 12 to 13 times bigger than Spain and
it’s really really difficult to get from one city to another really the only way
you can go is by plane there are no fast trains in this country I think it takes
a few days to get from one side to the other by train you can drive of course
but again it’s gonna take you a few days to get to Sydney or Melbourne from here
now another big difference I see between Spanish cities in Australian cities is
that there are a lot cleaner people tend to be a lot cleaner outside when they’re
out and about than they are in Spain see a lot less rubbish around the place
there’s a lot more rubbish bins around for people that want to chuck their
rubbish in the bin whereas in Spain I tend to see a lot of
people throwing rubbish in the street and it seems to accumulate in the cities
they do a fairly good job of cleaning it up in Spain but there is a problem with
people who throw their rubbish on the ground still and as I said one thing
you’ll see here is that cities seem to be a lot cleaner at least in this part
of the city anyway you can see behind me here we have a park and there’s not a
piece of plastic there’s not a plastic bottle in sight I’m not going to say
that you’re not going to find them because obviously some people do throw
their rubbish on the ground but in general cities here are a lot cleaner
now another difference that I pick up on between Spain in Australia is the
way people dress people in Australia are a lot less formal basically they don’t
care about what they wear they chuck anything on and they go out into
the street like that whereas in Spain people tend to be a lot more formal in
the way they dress I’m not saying that they’re wearing suits around the place
or formal dresses but people take a lot more care when
they go out in public in Spain than they do here I think it’s because we’re on
the coast here there’s a there’s a there’s a very relaxed mentality that
work because the beach is not too far away that people feel that they can walk
around the walk around the streets in flip-flops or thongs as we call them
here or they walk around in bare feet quite a lot and it is one of the big
differences that I notice at least between Spain and Australia now one of
the differences between Spain and Australia are the schools and basically
what schools offer not necessarily from an educational point of view but from a
facilities point of view now this is the school that I went to it’s changed a lot
over the years it’s not the exact same school but I’ll turn the camera around
and you can see that the facilities that we have here of this school which is a
public school state school here in Perth this would be the equivalent of one of
the better private schools in Madrid you can see here that we’ve got playing
grounds the school is on the other side of the oval we’ve got a football ground
which turns into a cricket ground as well there’s a play area over there
there’s basketball courts netball courts cricket practice wickets to practice on
and some bushland here as well now when I was going to this school this
area here in front of us now was the playground that’s where we used to play
and the school used to be where this oval is and the oval used to be where
the school is now so they’ve changed things around a bit but as you can see
what you get for your public school education here when it comes to the
facilities is that nothing like it is in Spain okay so I’m back at my parents’
house now and I’ll start to wrap this video up so that’s been a bit of a
comparative video between the two country’s at least from what I see
obviously I didn’t talk about the economy or the job market or anything
like that because you can look although statistics up online you can see what
the unemployment rate is like in Spain and you can see what it’s like here and
you can also see the economy statistics so I didn’t go into that too much but
both countries do offer a good quality of life obviously here in Australia you
don’t have that cultural aspect that you do in a country like Spain you don’t
have all of the fantastic monuments and all of those things but if you like
outdoor living this is definitely the better country of the two so I’ll say
goodbye questions or comments please leave them in the section below give the
video a thumbs up if you liked it I’ll see you in the next one
hasta luego see you later