Maia Wilson comes in
at a very tall 6ft 3, and she’s torn between two sports. Maia has not only represented NZ
in secondary netball, but has also played for the black
ferns junior team in basketball. This being her last year at school, she’s been given options, but which one will she choose? She talked to Pere Wihongi today. Standing tall and strong. Whether it’s netball or basketball. Maia Wilson has excelled
in all levels of each sport. Something she’s dreamed
of to follow her idols. On one side of the court is netball. She’s been in the national
secondary REP team for NZ for three years. But she’s been given
another opportunity. On this side is basketball. Wilson has been selected
as the youngest member of the Tall Ferns last year. But it’s next year where
another opportunity has opened. All of these decisions
for a girl only 17 years old. How will she choose? She has a few months
before she needs to decide, for now she will look
at the Secondary Trans-Tasman Netball competition
at the end of next month. Pere Wihongi, Te Karere.