A mob of young
indigenous Australians is touring the Far North
at the moment. They’re the Arthur Beetson
Indigenous rep team, which is made up of the best
u15 league players in Queensland. This afternoon, they play their first game
against a Far North rep team. But as Tamati Rimene-Sproat
discovered, there’s much more
to their tour than rugby league. The melodious voices of indigenous
Australians fills the air. These are the best young players
from the Murri tribal region who are here to do battle with
Northland league’s young guns. It’s a huge honour for them to fulfil the dreams and aspirations
of Australia’s indigenous people. A people that still suffers
oppression from the coloniser. This afternoon they lock horns
on the footy field, but the true aim of the tour
are the social experiences and the cultural exchange. On Saturday, the tour party
travel to Ngapuhi territory to take on their
best young warriors. Tamati Rimene-Sproat, Te Karere.