basketball team try to beat Santa Clara tomorrow.>>Andy Katz is here. Andy, nice to have you back.>>Appreciate it.>>BYU beats pacific. They’re looking good, how would you evaluate their resume right now?>>A little sneak peek in a bracket that I have coming out this afternoon, I have BYU as a ten seed and playing Wichita state, so that would be the western bracket. To me, their win over Houston on the road, it’s not the only thing that’ that’s getting them in, but it affects it a lot. They won that game early in the season without yoeli Childs. It symbolized that they’ve got a good team with or without him, and I think that’s a huge indicator for the committee. BYU has to continue to win. They can’t lose games too far below them. There’sa top six and a bottom four, pacific has had a good season. We can’t be losing to San Diego, Portland, Loyola. Ideally we don’t lose to anyone below us, but we can’t afford to drop to teams like that. Our win against pacific is a good indicator though.>>If BYU does drop just one of those, are they on the bubble or are they out>>>it’s all relative to the rest of the country. Virginia tech and nc state could easily play their way out, and BYU could slide into that grouping. I look at the schedule, they’ve got some dicey spots to go into, and it won’t be easy. That last game of the season at Pepperdine, that’ll be a strong indicator the fact they’ve been to saint Mary’s and lost by three, you’ve gotta beat them at home, ideally if you knock off the zags at home, but I don’t think BYU can afford to lose the other games though. It would would’ve helped if usu had a better season.>>How much consideration do you think the committee will give BYU knowing that yoeli has only played in 8 games of 21.>>They won’t give them any slack because he missed the first nine from a suspension, but then eh was hurt. And they proved they could win without him at Houston. The Boise state might bite them, Virginia tech win would help. Utah beating Washington last night, that helps them. Utah already has wins over Kentucky and Oregon, so we have to cheer them on to help the cougs out. We’ve got them right on the other side, and I think teh win last night helps their case.>>How do you feel about saint Mary’s.>>Saint Mary’s will be interesting. They played a better schedule. Wisconsin helped, they were ranked when they beat Utah state. They’ll get some pac12 bonus points if you will, but their losses will hurt them. The pacific overtime loss isn’t disasterous, the Santa Clara loss is a black mark. I have saint Mary’s, and I think in previous years there would be trouble, but I have tem in the same ten line with BYU. We could move up or possibly move down.>>Do you think that the wcc will place three teams in the bracket for the first time since 2012.>>Yes. I think three are deserving. They can win games. They’re helped by the scc and to some extent the big 12 being a little down this year. It’ll all be relative. You’ll watch San Diego state in the conference tournament. There’s potential if San deigo state doesn’t win it. It’s not a vacuum. It’s all interconnected.>>Who is the best player in the wcc?>>Um, I can’t judge yoeli because he hasn’t been healthy enough.>>I said you can say yoeli!>>I would say that Ford, petrusev, they have to be right there, obviously haws is outstanding. It’s gonna be one of those guys, but that’s another thing we usually know by late January, and I think the race is still going.>>How do we get more of your content?>>All our March Madness Twitter handles,, you can see me contribute to the wcc website with interviews, fox sporst, and big10 network.