I think Pablo and I have a lot in common, especially the way we see our football. I think we are good professionals, we love what we do. I think we love it,
we love what we do. We know we are lucky to have the best job in the world. And that we are also lucky to play for one of the biggest clubs in the world. We know how important football is, and we share the same approach to the job, about working hard. Outside of football, we have similar tastes like… food! Yes, we try and get together to try new places. And now we’re in a city that has fantastic food, we can keep discovering new places together. Of course we love good food, we’re Spanish! I couldn’t turn down the chance to come here, to Paris Saint-Germain, when you look at the status of the club and the quality of the players… Yes, like Pablo, I think the club is one of the Top 5 in the world. I love the club’s ambition to keep improving, year after year. And I love the image the club has, that of a club that’s all class, elegance and with a special aura. I even love the jersey! I have always liked PSG shirts, they always look great. I have always felt that way, ever since I was little. That’s the image I have of PSG, of an elegant club where some of the greatest footballers in the world have played. The squad gets along really well together, everyone tries to understand each other and, of course, it’s a big help having so many Spanish speakers. And we are also trying to learn how to speak French, we are taking lessons to fit in completely in our new life in Paris. When you move to a new place, you have to adapt, so we try and speak French with the few words and phrases we already know. Would you like to have a house here? Yes, of course! I had a few problems getting one in Paris.