Hi guys this is Christina the Amputee
OT. This video is about a may 4-inch heels. I have something let you know. If you’re an amputee you can wear huge four-inch heels. The name of the high heel foot is the Kingsley hi-style. That’s the base of the foot and then I have added a silicone foot and toes to it. Somebody
made the silicone cover for me and I bought the foot myself. Okay guys I need some new heels, so you want to go shopping with me? So one interesting
thing that happens when you have a silicon foot is that sometimes your toes
come off – but they can just be glued back on. I know creepy right? I need to find a pair of high-heeled shoes in gold that matches the shape of this foot. Hmm that’s not really gold I don’t really see any gold heels here. Do you see any? Just walking around the mall like a
totally normal person with a totally normal foot hanging out of my… OHH FIDGETS! Okay so I found this this gold pair and
hanging out in the mall with the lady who’s helping me. Trying to squeeze these in the first time is a little bit difficult but I know it’s a seven and a half and I wear seven and a half so…It’ll fit. It’s important to try heels on before
you purchase them. You see how that color doesn’t really match perfectly with my skin? You can use makeup for silicon foot but you need to know that it’s not
really always going to match perfectly because feet and humans are alive and
that means that color changes over time and you can’t really get a perfect match but you can get it pretty close. Here I’m hanging out with a really cheap makeup palette trying to add some color to this foot to make it look more realistic. I honestly have no clue what I’m doing. I’m just kind of trying things out to see if
I can get the color to match a little bit better. Especially important is that
this foot is really white colored and my toes get really red when I’m in the
heels so I’m trying to get the color to match a little bit better. High heeled shoes means that I need to change the alignment of the foot. It’s really not like a regular foot. I can’t just switch them out really fast. I’ve got to make some adjustments to it . walking it the foot the first time is really awkward and you can see it’s not quite adjusted right. So I just spent some time getting this foot
adjusted and that pretty much happens every time I try on a new pair of shoes
I have to make adjustments for it. And if you’re not used to wearing heels then you’re definitely going to need to give yourself some time to walk around in
them and get used to them just some training so that you can gain some
experience in them. I think these heels go much better with this dress than those tennis shoes. You can see with the addition of
painting the toes that looks especially
more realistic. This foot definitely has
a little bit of Uncanny Valley sort of feel to it. Okay that’s all for now I
hope you enjoyed this video. if you have any questions you want to ask me or some comments you can leave them in the comment section below and I’ll try to answer them. Alright have a good day bye!