do you think americans should embrace
cricket as a sport no why not well what’s there to embrace its like I don’t understand what
they what they’re doing they wear white and it’s a very clean sport but why
does it take days to play one game I must have been invented by the
breweries because it’s the only game that you can consumer as much alcohol over
five days and then at the end it’s a draw and everyone leaves happy it’s a
fun game a lot of our guys are familiar with baseball which is a bat the ball
and hitting so there are some familiarities with cricket but not a lot
because the bat is totally different the ball is totally different there is no bases but there’s a
wicket and there is throwing and catching so it’s a lot of fun have you watched any of the ashes the what I’m not joking I just learned what the ashes mean oh what does it mean it’s some competition and do you know why it’s called the ashes no I have
no idea have you ever played cricket your self I did and then I stopped immediately and a reason why is I didn’t
realize the ball whatever you call it was as hard it was almost broke my fingers
I stopped yeah Iactually randomly played when I was in junior high school our physical education teacher took an interest
in cricket and that it would be a fun thing for us to learn and so we played
against each other and got to know kind of the basic rules I loved it but then I recently went to a
cricket match in London and I didn’t quite remember all the rules and I didn’t remember
it being so complicated when I played in junior high school then you run for
innings and it’s really really long game when American start seeing a very heavy
ball flying at high speed down a you call it the wicket right and there you see a bouncing
off when you see the slow mo of a you don’t call it a bat you call it uhhh what do you call that thing we call it a bat you call it a bat as well ok so you see a slow mo that thing bouncing off
the bat then you see the slow mo the guy diving down dressed up in that nice
outfit to try and catch that ball in their bare hands something like that attracts us because while on the
surface level cricket doesn’t seem like much to Americans when we start seeing on
that very up close ground level you realize okay this is a serious sport this is