BOBBY: Let’s go, 1, 2, 3. BOBBY: Hi, my name is Bobby Martin, I’m from Dayton, Ohio and I’m 23 years old. BOBBY: My condition is called Caudal Regression, and I was born like this. There’s nothing
that really caused it, it just the way God wanted me. BOBBY: Sometimes I forget I don’t even have any legs, until it’s time to buy shoes or
something. BOOBY: A lot of ladies say I’m handsome, I keep a clean cut, and I always be trying to
smell good and I’m a flirt, I’m a big old flirt. So I tell them what they wanna hear
and they like that. BOBBY: One key in football, you gotta get low and how can you get lower than me, I’m
already as low as possible so that’s an advantage. BOBBY: Football, it, it opened up a lot of doors for me because I never thought I got
the national scholarship I got. And it changed me a lot because now I have an appearance
to uphold, I just can’t go out on the street, there’s little kids looking up to me, people
with disabilities looking up to me and older people who think they just can’t do nothing,
they look up to me, so I gotta have a positive attitude to keep up the good work. COACH: It was fantastic, he was an inspiration for all the rest of the players and gave them
motivation to do their best.