Channel 10’s newest live variety show Saturday Night Rove was cancelled after just two episodes, leaving its host Rove McManus out of a job  And on Tuesday, The Living Room’s Amanda Keller defended Rove, 45, a three-time Gold Logie winner, after the program was harshly criticised on social media Speaking on her WSFM breakfast show, the 57-year-old said she was saddened to hear that the show had been axed by the network after such a short run Show of support! Amanda Keller (pictured) has defended three-time Gold Logie winner, Rove Mcmanus, after his show was criticised on social media ‘What an Aussie embarrassment!’ Saturday Night Rove was savaged by viewers on Twitter for being ‘unfunny’ (Pictured Rove McManus)’I feel sick about it I’m a very big fan of Rove’s. It’s hard and I feel for him,’ Amanda said, before added that she also felt sorry for all the crew who worked on the show Amanda said too often when a TV show gets axed, people are quick to criticise what they didn’t like about it, but they fail to recognise those people are now out of a job ‘They need wages as much as anybody else and it’s very hard, people have no sympathy for the television industry,’ Amanda said Celebrity guests! Rove (left) interviewing Jessica Mauboy (right) during one of the two aired episodes of Saturday Night Rove The Living Room star then compared the show’s axing to that of Ben Elton’s 2011 Channel 9 show Live from Planet Earth, which was giving the flick after just three episodes Amanda said people can be quite forgiving if a drama doesn’t make the cut, but when it comes to comedy, they often take it quite personally if they don’t laugh ‘Ben Elton was so publicly shamed … I don’t think I’ve seen him on television since We humiliated him because we didn’t think it was funny enough,’ she said.  Another shot: Rove McManus (pictured) is best known for his Rove Live series which aired between 2000 and 2009 Quick exit: In being axed after just two episodes, Saturday Night Rove joins a less than prestigious list of fastest axed shows in Australian television historyAmanda’s words of support came after Rove spoke out about the show’s axing on Monday, after it only attracted a mere 138,000 viewers in the five capital cities  Rove told TV Tonight: ‘It was clear looking at the numbers that the audience we hoped would find a free-wheeling live show on a Saturday night just weren’t there We spoke with 10 today and we both called it.”The opportunity to play live in front of Australia again was fun, no matter how brief, and I would like to thank my amazing co-stars, the behind the scenes team and everyone at 10 who got behind Saturday Night Rove ‘   ‘The audience we hoped for just wasn’t there’: Rove McManus confirmed to TV Tonight that Saturday Night Rove had been cancelled after just two episodes following dismal ratings