Hi, I’m Brie from DMI Sports. Today I am going to show you our air hockey table – model HT600. If you are into air hockey and are looking for a big, sturdy table that will provide many years of fun, this table is great. It’s full-sized, measuring ninety by forty-eight inches across the top surface. That’s a lot of playing area. Not only does this table have electronic scoring built-in it has an amazing interactive rail lighting system embedded in the entire length of both of the side rails. This adds a lot of excitement to the game. When the game is tied the lights remain white. When the red team takes the lead, the LED lights flash red and stay red letting you know who’s winning. If the blue team strikes back with a goal the LED lights flash blue and then return to white signaling the score is even. If the blue team scores the go-ahead goal the lights flash blue. This light feature makes the game really fun and exciting. If you want arcade style puck action this table is for you. With a super-strong blower motor and high density side rails you’ll find puck flying across the play surface. And, to maximize the playing surface the table is designed with “old school” square corners. The construction of this table is what makes it so impressive. Let’s take a closer look at some of the features. The top rail measures 4 ½” across. That’s thicker than almost any table on the market. The side aprons are 12” long – that’s really big. The legs on either end are angled and connected, giving the table a wider stance and more stability. These large adjustable hidden leg levelers allow you to easily adjust the height of the legs to ensure you have level play. The side mounted electronic scorer displays the goals scored and the time left in the game. This table comes with two pucks and two pushers. This table is shipped partially assembled. Assembly takes an hour plus, but that’s why it’s so solid and sturdy. You’ll only need common household tools, but we really recommend an electric screwdriver. The HT600 air hockey table is loaded with many features. With the interactive rail lighting you will marvel at how much more fun table hockey can be.