now before we move on I think it’s just
right that you hear from me a little bit the program is totally out of order for
the simple reason because whom I’ve shown up on time whereas the best
watches but never shows up and today we have been stumped because of that but
before we move on initially on behalf of all NCC cricketers I must thank the club
and all the senior members as well because their influence on and off the
field has played a great part in teaching us values in life and
developing us as people so thank you very much I initially met kuma the first
time I met him was in the in Donuts he’d just come down from candy and he came up
to me and said I want to play for NCC okay yeah all right so that that was his
first words we had training then around that time there was a lady working at
shadow line who was working with a next captain of mine at st. Peter’s in do
Neil Anthony and she had told him my brother is trying to play for in CC you
probably don’t know him well – Shari we all know him everyone knows him I don’t
know whether you remember that conversation with Indonesia
that’s kuma in his early days confident walking around here he’ll spend a lot of
his time coming early for practice but not practicing cricket you know all
snooker room playing with bina he used to do that even after training but he
didn’t come to the club alone yeah Holly also from those days on a weekday she’ll
be in the Malaysian Airlines outfit on Saturdays in shorts haven’t seen you in
shorts for a long time and yeah my girlfriend then sonali was
at Cathay so they’d hang out together here with most of the other girls and we
then got into a mode where we finished training and we all went for dancing
classes you had only two who really learned to dance if everyone else did
drop out Kumar’s routine further his little gang here was hace la Patrona
Sanji vida really gonna get a rung in here at chair in the Fernando they were
all somewhat the same age Ron gonna used to live close to where I did in the
havilah with charring that they take the one seven six get to now Allah where
Kumar would be Kumar lives they all meet up there Raja Gary is where the others
jump in the one seven six bus they come here to get them more often than not
they’re late because of Kumar even for games showing up at 8:30 8:45 they
wouldn’t show up Ron and Charlie in the would prefer to go to Kuma’s you did
have breakfast ready but the delay actually was that kuma has the routine
of doing a back trails swinging that bat probably a million times before he’d
come he came out here to a club so that was the hard work and the energy the
commitment that he did put into it the sledging well it started here I can
tell you that we have to be thankful to Ramesh Ratna Piper who was our coach
then no one would miss with him so whenever there was a bit of a a g-body
situation one I remember at the Tamil Union Ramesh was there to kind of calm
things down and make sure no one punched us touching on Ramesh and Kumar in a
nutshell itself his character and who he is
is totally underlined by this little incident we had personage Ivar then
keeping at the NCC kuma in a friendly chat or
Romesh had to me just mentioned to him if you want to keep in back why don’t
you go to the try the CCC SSC because person is here but even before he could
finish his lines Kumar’s reply was I want to take the challenge that’s where
we are nothing needs nothing more needs to be said about who Kumar Sangakkara
he’s and where he’s gone from there that particular conversation was before you
played for Sri Lanka correct yeah so that song has power over you lot to
learn from we look forward or we look up to you in every way and extremely proud
and honored kuma to have seen you walk past even pushed me aside I always say
push me aside because he replaced me at number three in the sri lankan team well
whoever who made that decision made a good decision and here we are watching
him very closely I do end up talking a little bit of crap here and there but
very happy to have been a part of cricket to know so many legendary
cricketers legendary people but I can be really proud insane that to talk about
to know probably I’d say the the best cricketer on and off the field is song a
car and I don’t need to ask anyone about it
I’ve seen him watched him closely admired him and
congratulations Kumar what more can we say very well done subscribe to our YouTube channel for
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