I’m going to describe the overhead forehand
drop shot. This drop shot is made from the back of the court and as for aim to hit the
shuttle high and to make it drop just over the net passing with very little height over
the net and dropping right behind the net like that. Like every overhand shot it starts
from the ready position. One needs to go from the ready position to the back of the court
side stepping in the direction we are going, pushing on the front leg and reaching the
back of the court on your racket leg. At this point it is like every other shot overhead
shot, the impulse starts with the leg, you reach the elbow and you strike the shuttle
as the racket passes over the shoulder and then you finish the shot by passing the leg.
In the case of the drop shot one will not put the whole power into the shot in order
to just make the shuttle go over the net and fall right behind the net. It is, however,
the same basic shot as the forehand strike. The power will be cut down on the shot. The
start of the shot will be the same not to give your opponent any hints that you are
going to do a drop shot, however, you need to control the power you put in the shuttle
in order for the trajectory to go over the net and the shuttle to fall right behind the
net. After the shot is executed obviously you go back to the ready position.