A clear shot is one of the basic shots in
the game of badminton. It consists of striking the shuttle from one end of the court to the
other end of the court using the full length of the court. It is essentially a defensive
shot. If the shot is made high it allows you to position yourself to the ready position
but it can also be an attack shot if the trajectory is flatter in order to push your opponent
in one of the corners of the far end of the court. As for all shots the best way to start
is from the ready position. In order to do a clear shot I will need to move from the
ready position to the back end of the court. I will side step, push on the opposite leg
of my racket, shuffle back and land on my racket leg. This is the starting position
for the clear shot. The clear shot starts with pushing up the leg and generating an
impulse that will push your body into the shot. I will push on my leg and at the same
time lift my elbow in order to ready the racket for the shot, rotate my forearm and move towards
the shot. The ideal movement to strike the shuttle is when the back leg passes the front
leg. You want to hit the shuttle over your head in a position which is as high as possible
in order to get the maximum impulse of the shot. You finish the shot by passing your
racket leg in front and finishing the shot with the swing of your arm. This allows you
to easily reposition yourself into the ready position by just shuffling back with a couple
of steps to the ready position. Again from a side view arrival on the racket leg lifting
the elbow, opening the forearm, pushing on the leg, hitting the shuttle as the leg passes
and finishing the shot and reposition. One of the goals of the clear shot is really to
drive the shuttle with all of your power to the other side of the court. In order to do
that when you strike the shot you do not want to over rotate. You really want to stay in
a flat plane as much as possible, driving all of your racket power in that plane in
a straight effort so when you shoot and you impulse you want to stay in that plain as
much as possible. You do not want to over rotate. This is going to take some power from
the shot and it is going to prevent you from smoothly repositioning yourself to the ready