I’m going to describe the basics of this match
in the game of badminton. This match is a variant of the overhead forehand shot. This
match is a tight fast shot intended to finish the point or put a maximum of pressure on
your opponent. It is rarely done from the back of the court. It is a two third up front
shot destined to really finish the point as much as possible. The basic of the movement
is the same starting point as every forehand shot with starting from the racket leg, moving
up and striking the shuttle as the racket passes over the shuttle. In the case of this
match you actually want to do a down trajectory, fast down trajectory to the shuttle so you
are in the case of most overhand shots whether it is a clear or a drop the shot is made almost
directly over the shoulder. In the case of the smash you want to take the shuttle a little
bit earlier in order to apply a down force on the shuttle as the racket comes down.