okay so today we’re going to be looking
at some advanced air dribble techniques some of them are super helpful if you
can master them and others are just really cool also at the end of the video
I’m going to share a tip for you that will help you get more consistent at air
dribbling so stick around for that okay on to the video the first advanced
technique is the reverse air dribble this is really useful as a way to
reposition your car if you get away from the ball it also helps you move the ball
more drastically than if you left your car upright people like to say air
dribbling is pointless and to some extent I’d agree with them but this is
where practicing air dribbles can actually help you gain more car control
the hard thing about flying upside down is that all of your controls are
switched I’ve got a video about this and why you need to learn how to fly in
different ways so check that out okay the second technique is the tornado spin
this is definitely one of the more difficult moves we’re going to be
talking about but it’s actually super helpful once you get it down and I don’t
think anybody’s really ever talked about how this applies to air dribbling I
first noticed this when I was watching bluey doing the air dribble 1v1 on
john-boy’s stream on about half of his air dribbles or maybe even more bluey
does what is called a tornado spin off the wall to get his first touch this
move gets him to the ball quickly but it doesn’t hit the ball away from him
because it sort of scoops the ball now if you don’t know how to do the tornado
spin I’ve linked a couple of videos in the description that go over it this
looks super complicated and obviously most of us don’t have as good a car
control as Bowie but once you tried a few times it’s honestly not that hard
okay number three air dribbling in-car cam I recommend this for everyone this
isn’t just cool this is how most good air drillers do it and you probably
should too the air dribble you’re watching is a good example yeah fluffy
managed to take the ball around three defenders but he couldn’t see where he
was flying and he couldn’t see where he was in relation to what was in front of
him I usually switch to car cam as I near the ball or right after I start to
air dribble as with dribbling on the ground you’ll have more precision in car
cam it’s kind of hard at first but once you get used to it you can see why it’s
superior to trying to air dribble in ball camp
okay the fourth technique is the fake air dribble one thing air dribbling does
is get the defenders off of the ground so one way to throw people off is to
stake the air dribble and just kind of fall with the ball you can also follow
behind the ball to block anyone who tries to hit the ball this gives you the
option to pinch the ball on the ground or do a quick power shot when it lands
the last advanced technique is the air dribble to ceiling pinch and what you
want to do is slowly push the ball upwards and then pinch it on the ceiling
this is really difficult so just try to work on it but this is really just more
for show okay so I want to give you two tips that are really helpful the first
thing is to practice air dribbles in slow-mo so go into an exhibition and
change some of the mutaters so that you have slow motion home and that’s really
the only one I change I also just give myself unlimited boost but I don’t like
to give myself more powerful boost or anything like that just do slow-mo and
unlimited boost this is a great way to practice air dribbling and really
practice any skill it will feel much easier after you do this for like 10-15
minutes okay the second tip is really important keep your eye on the ball I
know that seems obvious but this is true of every sport almost all failed air
dribbles start with the first touch on the wall I found when I have a bad air
dribble it’s because I’m thinking too much about the actual air dribble and
not focusing on the setup if you get the setup right the rest is actually pretty
easy the hard part is just getting the ball heading in the right direction
because there’s that awkward transition where your car goes from being flat on
the ground to being sideways on the wall that causes us often to hit the ball
weirdly okay so I hope you guys enjoyed this let me know down in the comments
below if you have any questions or if you have any thoughts or maybe some
advanced techniques that you know of that I didn’t mention I hope you enjoyed
it until next time thanks for watching