g’day everyone today we’re here having a chat to Zach and Billy from hockey dad fellas just finished playing here instore
at Sonic Sher and Brissy what do you think of the turnout fellas? Pretty good, it was like, it’s a semi small shop so like it was just i dunno so sweaty and hot and there was like a few people outside who got stuck in the sun so i feel bad for them. but they got a little bit stitched yas got a cool van parked out the back what have yas been up to the past few days? what haven’t we been up to, that’s the question we’ve just been driving around to every little record store and just setting up and making heaps of noise pretty much we’ve got a few rituals in the van but, disclosed for now, c-cant explain. But ummm yeah nah it’s pretty funny she runs like a dream, good van yeah good fuel economy probably like 50,000kms on her oh shes fresh! did you have the van like before and then got it painted or did you like just get it for this? nah we just got it for this we figured why not you have known each other forever, um, how’d you first meet? ummm it was (???) draw on a Tuesday night at the pub, me and Zach were five and six years old, nah i dunno and umm yeah they drew my number out, and i won 850 bucks that night i put 300 through the pokies and we’ve been best mates ever since so standard? standard Tuesday night whennn did you write your first song together? umm i dunno actually it was like, we had a band before this one so we were writing songs before that i would have been about 13 and he would of been 15 or something 2000 and… ten maybe? 2010? 2010 dawww 2011 yeah 2010, 2011 somewhere around there, circa… crica ’74 did you share similar music taste growing up? yeah, yeah definitely there’s like a couple of bands that we both religiously listen to all the time, but then theres other bands we dispute on as well as much as we listen to the same shit we listen to other shit you listen to fuckin’ Venga Boys and…. cheesy shit yeah like whenever i put my Delta Goodrem CD on you just flip its fucked i dunno i just dunno why not a fan of Delta? he’s a dick hey what she’s been through what she’s done Delta’s good, its in her name alright, um, so the last song on the album, Eggshells, i just like the cool little riff in it, who come up with that one? that was me who do you reckon come up with that one? that was all me mate…. Nah it was sad boy in his room. he had a bad night just thought yeah i’ll just sit there just riff it out i riffed out my problems that night has anything changed in like terms of creative process or lyric writing compared to the last record orrr? the last record we had more time at home so we kinda wrote spontaneously on the spot where as like a bit more now, Zach will just be in his room, literally sad boy in his room thanks brother! and yeah its pretty much like its still the same like we still get together and write at some point but Zach kinda gets a head start… most of the time i tell him “nah that sucks.” the Blend Inn tour starts in March and you’ve got some sick acts, Dear Seattle im a big fan and Boat Show did you know them personally before this? we hung out with Dear Seattle and Boat Show at Bigsound yeah it was pretty good, that was the first time i saw Dear Seattle it was pretty mental they’ve got such like a 90’s grunge vibe yeah they’re amazing… yeah and Boat Show are sick as well Zach so, hows it feel to be the second best singer in the band? good, thank fuck someone said it! its great…. its fucking great, thanks. you gotta knock him back a few pegs at some point so, if you can remember, what was the first beer you bought at a pub, or like what are you talking about? like yeah just the first ever, orrrrr my first ever like house party i bought a 6-pack of Coronas and i hated them when i was like, 15 i hated beer still but i bought Coronas for some reason… buuut yeah, i got through them, and i got pissed what’d you get into like religiously after that? What was your first beer you were like, “that’s me!” well at a pub it was like XXXX cause it was like $4.50 Goldies! cheapest so that’s probably our favourite take a fiver ya get change… now it’s like you take a fiver gotta add 50 cents to it its no good aye its not good that might do it then that’ll do us fuck yeah, cheers boys, thanks for that pass it along bro beaaautiful thanks for having us everyone, good shit