Coming up here in this
segment we have a story of AJ Green. You’ve known that guy for
quite a long time he’s grown up close to the
program and I’m sure it’s been fun to see him from a
kid to being a super star for your team here. Yeah and a lot of fun as
his head coach for a year and a half now to see his
change, his growth, from last year to this year. All the things leading up
to it I really enjoyed. But him being in the
program now and seeing the growth and being up close
and personal for just his work ethic. Every single day he’s
working on something and then he’s growing a lot in
terms of person, in terms of his leadership. It’s fun to be a part of
that. Doesn’t show a lot of
weaknesses on the offensive end. He has a lot of different
variables with his game there coach. Yeah he does, yup no
doubt. Here’s that story on AJ
Green out of Cedar Falls who is leading the
Panthers and leading the conference in many
statistical categories. In less than a year AJ
Green went from being the all-time leading scorer at
Cedar Falls High School to starting all 34 games as a
true freshman at UNI. He made the transition
from high school to Division I hoops look easy
as he recorded the most points by a freshman in
school history with 509, and was named the Missouri
Valley Conference freshman of the Year. Last season was an eye-
-opening experience for AJ. College is a whole nother
level. I thought I was decently
prepared for it just being around my whole life. But yeah once your here
and the games start to get going it’s a big jump. Just the speed of the
game, the intensity, and I wish everything happens
just knowing you got to bring it. AJ continues to bring it
night in and night out for the Panthers. The sophomore leads the
team and conference in several statistical
categories. He continues to put in
many extra work-out sessions each week so that
he can be in a position to lead his team to a
conference championship. A lot of it was how last
year finished. Nobody was happy with
that. We were so close, so that
was definitely a lot of motivation throughout the
whole off season. And then, just always know
like there’s more that you can do, there’s a lot more
ways you can get better. What makes AJ AJ is his
determination to get better every day. I think there doesn’t go a
day goes by that he’s not thinking about how am I
going to get better, what do I need to work on to
get better? And then he executes that
plan at a rate that I think very few of us have
seen. AJ expects to develop and
improve his mind, body, and overall game in the
off-season. He knows he has a lot of
room to grow as a basketball player. That is why we are seeing
a more physical and confident AJ Green in
2020. I kind of place a big
emphasis on the weight room as well as how I
could improve my athleticism or speed or
little things like that. I would do some extra
lifts outside of what we did as a team and then
just continue to get in the gym every day. It’s just my normal kind
of routine that I’ve always had. His determination to be a
good player, it’s very inspiring to be around and
I think it’s very good for our players to be around
to see that. You know, you have control
of the success that you have and AJ is a great
example of that. Coming up next we reveal
to you the Panther Scholarship Club’s total
dollars from this past years campaign and more
basketball talk with Coach Jacobson. This is Panther Sports