Okay guys, so that’s me, I made that video, so I did try the headset, everything went well I was blown away by the results, so
I wanted to see the headset could do the same thing with other aspects of
performance. I found a dancer, a singer a Pilates teacher (who’s also a runner), and a professional athlete and this is what happened. Ladies and gentlemen, please let me introduce to you the main characters of this video 22 years old incredibly
planted boy named David Rees will sing some Beatles for us. Frank De La Rica, oh if you’re into Pilates I bet you know this name. He’s 44 and he’s also a runner. You’ll see why that is important later.
Sylvia is 20 years old, she’s a professional flamenco dancer and
she teaches flamenco, jazz, modern, hip hop. She does everything! Last but not
least at all: Carlos Prieto Handball player, Olympic medalist. Do I really need to say anything else about this guy? Now that you know my people, I invite you to follow us in a video full of personal growth, motivation, effort, sweat, but no
tears, results, and what time would say is magic… when in reality it’s just
science. The first protagonist is Carlos Prieto.
This Olympic medalist will try to improve almost every facet a high-level
athlete has to control. This exercise is pure explosiveness and
muscular endurance. I asked him to last as long as he could at full power. Now I could edit this part more so it
becomes more spectacular, but it couldn’t beat the unedited reality. Carlos
finishes his exercise… Carlos puts on the headset. Carlos trains
for 20 minutes. Now this happens! That was incredible. He will have three days to prepare. Meanwhile, I’m in a dance mood. When I was looking for a dancer for this video, I didn’t know which exercise will show improvement better. I wanted it to be as
accurate as possible, and Silvia suggested to try to fix in just two days
a choreography she tried to learn for a week. That is 40 minutes against seven
days of work. I think it’s worth watching. Now let’s compare this fourth
take with the first one two days later. I’m more focused. I don’t need to think as much as before. How do you feel? I feel good, I started this experiment without any expectations. I’m quite satisfied, I’ve seen I can improve everything. In the exercise of legs, it was amazing to improve more than double. 170 pounds, let’s go. Last week I was dead at this point. 44! More than double! Amazing. This is just the beginning. If we’ve done this with one athlete, we can do it with 10, 20, thousands… It is 10:00 in the morning, and Frank has started his first class. I’m giving him the headset. Even though he’ll use it for more than a week and he’ll feel great, really that’s not the test I want to do
with him. He runs, he trains twice a week at his own pace, and that’s what I want to know. He runs five kilometres, which is a bit more than three miles, in 29 minutes. Now he’ll train twice a week, like he normally does with Halo Sport for the next three weeks. Learning ukulele wasn’t that difficult because I already knew how to play guitar. But it is different. Can you play C minor? I don’t know it. D sharp major… well I can do this. If not, I probably have to go like this. So now that we know your skills, what song are you going to play? I’m going to play Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles. It normally takes me more than a week to get the hang of the song, learn it by heart, and be able to play it smoothly without having to know the
lyrics or look at the chords or look at the ukulele. I’m sorry David, you have three days. How are you? I’m good, nervous. Today is Wednesday, it’s the last day of my Halo Sport training. The thing that I most noticed was the automatic movements, like sometimes my brain wanted to do
something wrong, but because my fingers were already trained to do it another way, they just did it automatically. I wasn’t going to do that, but what my fingers did was right! I was going to do something different, but automatically I played A! I wouldn’t have done that… Let’s try it by heart. No, I can’t do it! I did it! I can’t believe it. I’m impressed. The lyrics are the main challenge when it comes to performing, for me at least. I never perform with lyrics, but it takes me a long time to learn and this has taken no time! So cool. Time has passed since the last time we
met, but now Frank is ready. He’s been training for the last three weeks, and he knows today is the day this Pilates teacher will run the same
three miles he did almost a month ago. The best of all is that right now, I feel recovered I’m calmed, relaxed, I could go again. This has never happened to me before! He runs the same three miles, but the
results were not the same. Every mile was 20 seconds faster. During the training, I felt a willpower I have never felt before. A contradiction between my mind saying I couldn’t go on, and my muscles saying I could. This experiment has allowed me to challenge myself, and that’s great. I’m really so happy.