Subscribe To Zae3x oh hi Melissa form elements like a pal
walking through in the scope so uh what is here for Travis Scott bitch I got
Diana Doe huh see niggas fruit cantaloupe my lil nigguz viewer
discretion is advised what’s good with y’all niggas many boys
ate three times back to again with another lien on saying this video number
two of the day yeah I don’t shit listen man we got react to this nigga flight
again look I know I said I’ve never react to that nigga again in my last
video but he planned a girl this time this all girl that he played last time
he got killed by another thing gonna lose but I just wanted react to last
times we do a straight drop so hopefully she can shoot this time cuz she could
shoot like she can shoot so like she’s shooting this time is gonna be a little
bit more quickie feeling but just so he has three match against her man Hey look
you wanna player when I’m gonna get to play I gotta get some Oh clapping – and
then I can play alright I got I’m gonna play by the end of the year
just wait well not that without Fred that dude that gonna Hank is great you don’t need energy got a cold bloody
video is the first IRL 2020 where does this go me as far as Boston to New Year
to in it I didn’t make a block and girls now come on man this nigga Bali girls
now bro come on bro oh yes that will do I can see hope here
loom in this on it’s called in this Court on this nigga I jumps out boys you
got the jump on it but you can dribble ye trying to dribble
moves bro that’s full already stand another jump on you don’t want to come
out too cold bloody ready they go huh now see how quick she came out of pants she came on in pairs a little too quick seats already hang all up like man you need to you can
start doing something bright what you doing today right bro that ain’t right
bro like why did you just do that bro this nigga tried to save it no and just
landed out of bounds bro I stopped hoping bruh ate the zero
diggin eight two zero nine to zero do and they say finally come on bro the
light this if it took that long for you to make that one so then I heard his
biggest said he wouldn’t do animal take backs
somebody told me these things that he ain’t taking the ball back no bumpers
dead how about the tin tin the tuber and I already know what you think you gonna
do flight and I ain’t going forward thank you for the trial of the skull
once you win I’m clicking right off to think it’s time to do reverse layup angle machine really got no signature
style white let go i dribble animations ain’t really all the way down hey Cleary
Teen Queen for you 10 let’s take a big confidence the way he ain’t gonna make
his mix I think I made it oh my god nigga and lucky you supposed to be able
to rise up right over the top of hurdles you got the high demands see chime another little icing time to
finish them with a left-hand layup there’s an explanation for this bro now
I know I know this was like very left out some people but just so you know
January of any New Year’s like the tryout month February is the real month
of the new year but look all jokes aside where this ball was a man bouncy bro I’m
talking about this specific black ball right here bro this shit was Matt boxy
was one of those Dukie behind PE balls like when you’d be playing the school
bro they had the worst PE balls bro I brought my own ball prizes but you
notice I didn’t want to argue and not change the balls because originally I
was supposed to you know I’m saying just go with that one because basically long
story short happy you guys know that Sonia hit my car you know I’m saying and
I had left my bought an entire and I actually got my car fixed and repaired
you don’t have say the bumper and everything like earlier than what it was
expected to you know what I’m saying so I got it bent and I just was like hey
I’m just bring the ball just is you know and she wasn’t gone for so already my
mechanics was often I wasn’t even you selected balls to pose your life you
know I’m saying but you know look there will be no one lost this 2020
please forgive me just notice in a bag this is literally just a trial remember
that flying FTC what does somebody hit your
car you got to do what you loses what you
wanna do if the ball was too bouncy why don’t you just lay it up the whole time
do it’s so many excuses with you my guy like you cool you coal digger Brad you
funny bunnies stop it bro stop hooping bro like for real bro just
just don’t hooping them on bro like you’ll be making the whole world a whole
lot better if you just stop hooping bro like for real life then you gonna end
global warming my nigga if you stop hooping bro like for real bro like I’m
serious bro don’t hoop no mo it’s not for you do is not for you you started
off the year that’s their first loss of the year my nigga y’all keep count
brother see how many times this nigga really lose this year I know you’d be
losing a lot every year but I wanna keep count this year
y’all niggas let me know how many times this nigga lose this year brother this
nigga said you know somebody hit my car and I went and got my bumper picks think
about what did that guy do it anything bro you only want to read the comments
man I’m just dump this video at this point like coming to subscribe man I’m
outta breath let’s fuck I like talkin my Nicholas legs bring your bitch-ass of
the street bring your bitch-ass of the street you can bring your bitch-ass of
the street drop your location my nigga let me bring your bitch-ass up the
street bring your bitch-ass of the street right bring your bitch-ass of
streets smoke out Holliday piss