Oh my God. No way! No way! Are you joking???????!!!!!! The best Intro In Da Whole Enitre World Welcome back kops. my name is kwebelkop! today is a special day We’re Gonna first start off with this gorgeous sword throw! aaannndddd…. Lol! oh . We got it. Okay. What about the next one an apple? It’s a dead apple. Okay, who’s Gonna be next? the guy with the finish line? yeah he dead a needy what about the next one is Gonna be Timmy Yeah And now all [we] have to do is kill Steve all the way at the end. No yep, oh no! We got the Minecraft guy Oh, oh wait. [damnit] are those things to? what the heck. and the last one! It’s just a blue Cube (Geometry Dash) I didn’t I thought it was just there for for decorational purposes, okay? We got this kops We got this,yes, we got this i can’t grad the sword anymore, okay (moan) yeah, we legit can’t grab it. fuck me! harpoon Ninja, okay? This doesn’t really look that safe does it? Okay, let’s not go forward. How about backwards Okay, that’s also [a] tough one. Huh no no the mine is there now my butt! my butt! ah! Okay, let’s try it again. So backwards and then Try to be like a little bit of a snake move over here. Oh Just like that. [we’re] a damn snake Modern circulation hi oh snap that was nice. That was nice. What’s this? Do you like me? Yes? I love you. is this your eye? Oh, it’s just a ball okay. Nevermind . Oh touch me touch You like that or cling on you? Oh, I think we have to jump okay jump touch you there we go whoa And now the door opens?yes it does [it’s] so cool. What about this one. This is me, okay? Yeah, you’re a code. That’s cool [xxxx]. Love you too, and What about this? Game, okay stand in oh damn it what? What okay? Well you survived that that was crazy? I’m scared um. What do we do now? You know what I was about to say let’s just keep on going okay. kops what would happy wheels be without a bottle flip I know right come on. Come on We’re going to go for the impossible bottle flip we’re going to go for the impossible Okay, [nope] no no no we’re going to do this impossible one right over here. Come on Come on. Come on. We hit it on there, but we didn’t flip it on there. You see come on one day We will one day. We will we will get either. God or Impossible, okay one of the two. We’re gonna do it kops oh, oh? YESSSSSSS!!!!!! oh my we’re a bottle flip God, okay? Let’s try it again. Let’s go for the impossible one now. Let’s [go] for the impossible one come on. [whoo] that got so close dammit. Okay? Let’s try it again Let’s try this again Come on. Yes. I know we can do it. I know that we can oh my God this is too Easy to land it on there, but we need to flip it on there. grab two bottles one first come on Maybe they can bounce off each i thought, but clearly not. come on Come on damn you bottle flips, but we’re a God again. Are you joking kewbellkop can i have a shoutout pls Are you joking we landed on God again? That’s crazy. We’re literally a greek God bottle flip goddess. [oh] my God. No wayyy!!! nooo wayy!! Are you joking [are] you Kidding me? is this a joke? We hit two bottles on top of each other on God level wow Okay, we’re gonna go for impossible. Come on. Come on We got this we hit another one on impossible, but we have to land on there. okay? like a real bottle flip that’s trick x2 just like that come on Come on this is… oh no, no still no still no. Oh my God. I got [close] oh Like oh, okay. Nope nope still no still no Go still a no go and it’s bouncing It’s bouncing. come on. How do you do this they ask? well… It’s just a lot of skill you see landing on there is too Easy. landing on the God one is too easy too. [landing] on the impossible one however Seems to be impossible [before] we go to bed. We will hit the impossible bottle flip We will hit it kops we will hit it right Now now that wasn’t epic enough. yep we’re a [God] again. are you joking? We hit a God one on the other side [oh] my God, are you joking? Oh my God? Yes? [this] is crazy this one’s pretty sick we’re pretty good at this, but it’s all luck actually look at that double God We could even go backwards i just notice we go backwards. dammit stop falling out. You know what. Let’s not go backwards Instead.. oh man, I got close. one of them has to make it, ooh Whoa, well we hit one on God good and not [bad] all at the same time. So where exactly should we go? Like right over there. Oh, oh my God that got close Maybe we could just throw it on there. I think that’s a bad idea. [how] about the backwards one There’s one behind us there is [one] behind us. we kind of just have to get lucky. that it gets back here. Yeah, [right] [there], that’s it. I’ll just [have] to take Take this as a victory okay seems that we can’t really hit it standing up, but we can throw it on there. So victor. they call this one impossible. [I] do it on my first attempt no second attempt they call this one impossible x2 i do it on my third… okay, they call this one impossibel. I do it on my fourth attempt. No, they call this one impossible I do it on… They call this one impossible. I do it on my sixth attempt Easy. seven ways [to] kill your boss. Okay. [let’s] see What about the fish kill him. oh no the fish kill him.. huh huh okay Let’s see. What about this? that’s a gun. That’s a gun okay, what about fire? fire in the face Absolutely nothing happened. Just kidding his face is set on fire. What about A sword be able to chop his head up. We can grab some scissors over here Maybe a pencil pencil to the face yep, that’s brutal What about a trophy [on] his head also possible and then there should be one more Like this video to see seven. TV circle Escape try to break through the TV circle as fast as you can okay? Try to break through the TV circle hole as fast as you can Okay, we got [this] kops Don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about it. come on should we get a different guy? Okay, there goes our leg. We’re breaking through TV. daddy we have to break the television Okay, son. I’ve been a professional [breaker]. Okay. I’m a professional TV breaker. [I] got this son ok Daddy. Let’s go. just break television over there Okay, son. I will I will break the television. just right right over there [Daddy] [Daddy] Daddy Daddy Okay, okey son this isn’t really working is it? there we go thats a nice little tactic We got over there stupid [television] [can] we squeeze through Don’t say that son, cuz i’ll disown you Okay, son you go and do yourself then How can [you] daddy fuck you fuck you yeah, that was easy rope swing press back and Z and swing swing into this hole and Just fall down. aanndd… You’re gonna have to hold on but don’t break [your] arms because that always happens on these just be a little bit careful there We go thats going great too and all you have to do is fall into this colorful color Pattern right over there slide down just very very slowly just like that and Just like that there we go now you can drive the car Or motor bike whatever it is, we can’t really see we live in the two-dimensional world and thats the finish line. survive the Assassin. No, no not the assassin Damn, it it got like behind us if it’s not behind you you can like throw it away Okay, [nope] that was uh… it’s right on my balls Oh, okay. There. We go. Well we got our legs and balls still. Yeah, this one’s called my little world we’re giant just destroying this world that’s great, okay? I’m sorry little guys. Oh wow Titanic cool I’m so sorry for accidentally killing you guys damn it I just wanted to say hi [anyways] [attack] on titan and let’s continue. That’s a No-go Goku [yeah], let’s go, what Barge [dammit] what the heck we’re one point come on. there We go. all we have to do is just keep on driving Oh my God what the heck was that was that a dragon? You’re dangerous. why can’t we be friends? Why can’t we be friends? This level is called bottle run God. Let’s go and do this Wow [okay], let’s try this again and No, oh my God. Yeah, you have to be God to do this one. Let’s go dammit we’re still not a bottle run God. Let’s go try again. [oh] My God, this is tough There we go there We go. Oh we got to the black part just just very very close [very] [very] [try] it again. Come on. Come on [ah] Not our personal best yet, but we got it We got it. We got this come on. That’s it. That’s it. That’s it. Yeah bottle run God One of these again troll level troll level troll level there are so many troll levels I don’t even know oh my God [I] don’t know these troll levels are original because I’m pretty sure they’re all not really original Since all these things have [been] done before it. Let’s be honest. You know fake finish line fake Danger right, oh there We go. wait two seconds and actually… Oh, that was actually I thought I didn’t have to wait and then.. oh fake ball fall There’s actually not a ball fall. pogo jump, fake pogo jum.. okey this one’s pretty good. They got me a few times Flag quiz okay, sure flag quiz. one-five questions. Good luck. What flag is it? Oh my God. Are you joking well This is not Japan Because I know what Japan looks like so it has to be bangladesh Okay, there. We go. We got [it] our back is broken though Germany, or Russia. This is Germany I’m dutch the netherlands is right next to Germany, so this is a german flag okay. That was a good one What about the next one Myanmar or brazil this is brazil and it normally has like the [little] stars in there, so that’s brazil Educational videos are the best. what about this Vietnam or China? [this] [is] China [and] there we go I’m confident about these quizzes, okay. We should do some more quizzes germany, or russia. This is Russian. We already had Germany This is what a russia looks like what level should I make next? races mount chiliad from GTA san andreas. mount [chiliad] from GTA. there we go. quiz games hd. Let’s check out this one This is a most played quiz ok slow. which game fits the symbol? hMM [ok] this is the sims. this is what the sims have above their head, and stuff and there we go We got one correct which game fits this symbol that league of legends for you right there I know my stuff. it’s me Mario. yahh yahooo It’s mario. Oh, yes there We go. which game fits this symbol? Uh does it seem like a T and R? sunrise?no. need for speed? i don’t really see an N in there grid? Blur? [I] don’t even know what blur is. what deck. How about need for speed? Oh? It was need for speed. there we go. next one which came fit this symbol That’s the legend of zelda because that’s a triforce [okay], and you should know the triforce. Thank you for playing. [oh] Quiz of Pewdiepie okay, let’s do pewdiepie quiz the first video of Pewdiepie Slenderman, Minecraft, Happy wheels? that’s my minecraft. I’m you know Pewdiepie fan. This is the right answer I know I know okay Pewdiepie is a Minecraft youtuber. which army is it’s the Pewdiepie army, devil army. the bro army We have the kops though. just wanted to say the kops are a lot better. wink wink winkey face you kops are the best. the name of Pewdiepie is felix. off course There we go. That’s another good one. [hey], we got him We got him, we got him. the game invented by Pewdiepie. Amnezia, Slenderman, barrels. what? what game was invented by Pewdiepie? barrels I guess oh It wasn’t any of the other two. there we go Yep, want to be the next quiz? uhh.. tobuscus? what? How old is this quiz? Like Seven Years old? There you go anyway kops thank you so much for watching happy wheel, if you enjoyed it then make sure to drop a like also don’t forget to subscribe and i will See you tomorrow. Bye. Bye Subscribe Today, And Check Out This Awesome Video !!! tatattatat ko goss