Friends, we all like Cricket And in our country (India) it is like a festival So, that’s why I’ve prepared this list of Best PC Cricket Games And you can plat those Cricket Games on your PC or Laptop The main feature of this list is, that most of the games can easily work on 2GB Ram. So, please watch this video till the end. Hello Friends, my name is Sachin and you are watching Shark Tech. [Intro Music] Friends, the game which is on #7 position is: EA Sports Cricket 2005 This game was initially released on 1st July 2005. And it was developed by HB Studios. At that time this game is too! good. Whether its graphics or gameplay everything was good. At that time this game was really really good in 2005. But if we compare this game with today’s standard. Then, this game is not too good. But still this games makes it’s name on this list of best cricket games. Friends, now we will talk about 6th spot. And the game which make this spot it’s own is: Brain Lara Cricket 2007 Cricket Game. This game was developed by Codemasters. And this game was released on 23rd March 2007. And want to say that this game is still better than other games. It’s graphics and gameplay are are also good. But… The graphics are not as good as Ashes Cricket. But.. If you have a low-end PC you can easily play this game on your PC. And now we will go towards #5 on our list And the game which makes this spot it’s own is: Ashes Cricket 2009 And this game was very-very good. And give EA Sports Cricket 2007 a tough competition. But it has one problem i.e., it’s patching the community created patches. Can’t be as good as Cricket 07. And that’s why… I have listed this game just below EA Sports Cricket 2007. one position. Otherwise this is a really good game. And the game which is on #4 position is: And it’s name is EA Sports Cricket 2007. Friends, I personally like this Cricket game. I have been playing this cricket game from start. Friends, the thing which I like the most about this game is: it can be patches. Patch means: We can update this game. Textures, gameplay and many other things can be updated Like, we can update the players. We can update anyone’s face. And we can also create our face as well. We can create original faces. These are some of it’s best features But it is very sad that EA Sports has never realesed any other cricket game after 2007. Otherwise I really like EA Sports games. And.. EA Cricket 07 is on #1 postion among EA games. Friends, the game which is on #3 position is: Don Bradman Cricket 14 And it was released by Big Ant Studios And when they have released this game. They gained huge success from the release of this game. Because after Cricket 07 And after long time a good game like this was released. Before this game there was another game released by Codemasters whose name is Ashes Cricket 2013 And that game didn’t create any impact Because it has lots of bugs that it’s.. Developer or Publisher have removed this game from the sale and give refunds to those who buyed it. Just take a look at this game. How bad this game is: And why it’s developer, publisher have to remove this game from sales. Friends, as you can see how bad this game is. And if have ever seen worst game than this please let me know in comments. But when we talk about Don Bradman Cricket 14 It has all the features that a modern game should have. The feature which I like the most is online community. From where we can add online community created players. Community was gamers like us. Who add online player to it. Like this game was not licensed. So, we don’t get official players in this game. Like, most of the players have cartoon style face. And have wrong names. So, the benefit of community tab is: That the gamers who have created their players Those who have real names with real faces. We can download them. I really liked this feature in this game. And it’s gameplay was really good. But it was bit difficult for newbie. Or new players to play it. Overall this was a really good game. And now we will talk about that game who is on #2 and Yes, I am talking about Don Bradman Cricket 17 And this game was also released by Big Ant Studios. And friends, Don Bradman Cricket 17 was very similar to Don Bradman Cricket 14 But is has some new features and I will also tell you it’s new features The 1st new feature in this game which I like the most is: Dedicated Community Now, we can download big amount of players. And the 2nd thing which I like the most is: Stadium Editor The New Stadium Editor in this game Let us to create our own stadiums. We can create stadium however we like DBC 14 don’t have this features but DBC 17 comes with this really cool feature. And personally I really liked this feature. Because stadium is a thing which keeps changing according to series like ad boards, etc. But with Stadium editor we can change everything with this. And if we talk about it’s gameplay its bit easier than DBC 14 to learn. And overall this cricket game will also give you a great gaming experience. And now I will show you the game that is #1 on my list: And it’s name is “Ashes Cricket” and it was also released by Big Ant Studios. Ashes Cricket have the most realistic graphics in a cricket game. I have read a lot of reviews where they wrote That it’s commentary is not good. But I haven’t felt like that. You can see the graphics of this game in this video. And it’s gameplay is very user-friendly and anyone can learn quickly to play it. And Ashes Cricket deserve #1 spot in this list. Friends, I hope you really liked this video. And to watch more videos like these subscribe to our channel. And liekt this video.