My name is Casper Wiklund And I am a coach and activity manager
at Lyngby Badminton Club We have made a corporation with 6-Directions Because this is a super super useful
and fun tool to use Some of the things that are very interesting to us are that many of these injury prevention exercises which are extremely important for
especially elite players In order to keep the body ready
for all the workouts we do It sometimes may well be a bit boring to do the usual strength
and injury prevention exercises This makes it much more fun Sliding around the floor… is something the kids and the older players
think is incredibly fun So we use it for both warm-up exercises
and physical exercises and input between our badminton exercises also Some of what we think is really interesting about these is that they provide so many options Especially, it trains the core It is something that is incredibly important
in all the movements we make and get a full body exercise when we work out And beyond that, it trains our coordination It trains stability in the body It has a lot of great things to work with Last but not least, some of what is interesting is… Have a look…they do not take up much space So whatever we use it in the club they can do it themselves
when they are out for tournaments preparing for the matches
without necessarily having to be instructed because they are used to using them It does not take up much space in the bag It is good for warm-up It gets joints and muscles going And then they can use it anywhere It just gives an incredible flexibility And that’s why we encourage them
to take it with them in their bags So, therefore, we are really excited
about this cooperation with 6-Directions and we look forward to using it in the future