So over this last year, I actually have been developing my sneaker collection, adding more sneakers to my overall shoe collection. But looking back, if I had to size down everything, I think there’s only 5 sneaker styles that a man actually needs that will keep you prepared for almost any outfit, any style that you want to pull off, and look great in. But before we get into it, of course to pull off and rock these sneakers, you’re gonna want stylish clothes, and awesome accessories to look great. And whether it is a sweet watch, fresh shades… or a cool minimalist backpack, our sponsor, “the 5th”, pretty much covers it all. Not only that, they do it amazingly. All of their products are just really aesthetic and minimal in design that allow you to use it across almost, any outfit and are really great add-ons to your outfit that in my opinion, elevate your style. But on top of that, they’re super affordable, and that’s what I really like. That it’s a brand that gives you quality, amazing style, at a price that’s actually attainable for us guys and even better, since they are our sponsors, they always hook you guys up with a special discount code just for you guys, because you’re viewers so I’m gonna have the link below, with the discount code, so you guys can check it out. So now lets get into these five sneakers that I believe every guy should own, The first one is the gym sneaker, the sneaker you are gonna be using to workout. Now I think you already know which sneaker that is that I wear, that is the Nike Free Run Flyknit. For me, this sneaker is just so soft, so lightweight, it’s perfect for running, and for going to the gym and working out. If you do more weightlifting type, and not so much cardio, such as squatting or deadlifting, you’re gonna want a sneaker that is gonna give you a more steadier stance and for that, I recommend the Chuck Taylors. So if you’re doing more squatting or weightlifting type, then something a Chuck Taylor is gonna be great for you and even better, the Chuck Taylor is a great casual sneaker that looks awesome outside the gym. So number two is what I like to call the everyday sneaker, Now, what I mean by the “everyday sneaker” this is the sneaker that requires no thought, and you can wear with anything. Like if you’re feeling lazy and you just wanna wear a t-shirt, a dad hat, some shorts your every day sneakers are gonna look perfect with it. Also, if you just wanna maybe just wear some jeans and a Polo, your every day sneakers are gonna look good for it. Hence, the everyday sneaker. Now for this one, personally, I think the Vans is my top choice when it comes to everyday sneakers. This is the sneaker that requires no thought when you’re gonna style it because you can throw it on with almost anything, and it’s gonna look amazing. Now, a close runner-up, that is my person favorite, Are the Nike Tennis Classics. Again, these are our classic sneakers that you’re gonna be able to wear everyday. Both of these that you’re seeing right now are a J. Crew edition. The white ones are probably, are probably gonna be way more versatile, but the brown suede ones, are my personal favorites. Number three is what I call “the athleisure”, or “lifestyle” sneaker. So this is the sneaker that when you’re going for that “out of the gym” gym style, which is “athleisure”, or even “lifestyle”, (more like street style, or street wear) this is the sneaker you’re gonna want to pick up. Personally, the one that I’ve been wearing a lot, are these Adidas Primeknit, the white ones, with the gum sole. I’m really digging these, and I get a lot of views from them. Super comfortable, and by the way, shout out to one of you guys. So one of our viewers actually reached out to me through instagram when the drop happened, and I was able to pick up a pair, before they sold out. But the reigning champ, when it comes to lifestyle sneakers, and I know if I don’t mention it, I’m gonna get it in the comment section, Is the Adidas Ultra Boost, which is a more popular model, that’s gonna be a little bit more pricey. But it’s a great “lifestyle” and “athleisure” option. Nike has a good athleisure option as well, which is the Flyknit Racer, (I believe it’s called) is a great alternative to the Adidas Ultra Boost. So if you’re a “die-hard” Nike fanboy, that can probably be a better option for you. And then, we have the last two sneakers. The number 4 is what I like to call, “the dressy sneaker”. So this one is gonna be a sneaker that’s strictly all leather. This is the sneaker that you can even wear with casual suits, you can wear with chinos, and it’s gonna elevate you to a more smart, casual look. A common example of this are the “Common Project” sneakers, or these white ones that you are seeing now, from Frank & Oak, that I have owned for almost three years, and you can pretty much see that from the heavy wear they have. So these two are great examples of what a dressy sneaker looks like. Usually all leather, and it’s usually simple in design. And it’s gonna elevate your look to something more dressier, like a smart-casual look. And the final one, is a casual sneaker. This is the sneaker that’s a little bit more casual than the dressy sneaker, But not as casual as your everyday sneaker, like your Vans or your Converse. And for this one, a good example of this Are the Adidas Stan Smith. These are what probably will always be the reigning champion when it comes to casual sneakers. When you’re gonna wanna, when you’re gonna wear an Oxford and jeans, or maybe even an Oxford and Chinos, these are the sneakers you’re gonna want to pull out, to give you that “dapper” look you’re looking for. So it’s definitely something you’re gonna want to add to your collection. Alright boys, that’s it for today’s video, let me know what you guys think. So, essentially the 5 sneakers every guys need, are Gym sneakers, you’re gonna need a “athleisure” or “lifestyle” sneaker, you’re gonna need a casual sneaker, you’re gonna need a dressy sneaker, and finally, you’re gonna need an everyday sneaker, that requires no thought. And if you agree, go don’t forget to drop us a like, it really helps us out. That’s it for me in today’s video, see you next time.