Ok guys, right now you are with me Dennis from Common Habits. today I want to share 5 sneaker shops in Tokyo. which in my opinion must be visited when you are traveling to Tokyo. Number 5 ABC MART you can find ABC Mart almost everywhere in Tokyo usually the place is quite big, has multiple levels other than sneakers you can also find other types of shoes however, from my own experience i found that you can find nice sneakers at ABC MART in Shibuya and in Ginza so if you happen to shop at ABC MART you can browse around the shop because you might find some gems such as ultraboost, uncaged could be sitting on the shelves Number 4 ATMOS similar to ABC MART you can see ATMOS almost everywhere however they have different stocks in each stores and from my experience, the one in Harajuku has the best stock because they have a lot of styles and sizes Number 3 CHAPTER CHAPTER is located next to ATMOS in Harajuku the difference with ATMOS, at CHAPTER you can find older sneakers with a good discount if you are looking for past season’s sneakers you can definitely visit CHAPTER Number 2 KICKS LAB KICKSLAB is located in Harajuku and the store itself is quite big, you can see it clearly from the outside they have a really wide collection especially basketball shoes, they have a lot of those i think but the prices are a little bit high but you can find some “hard to find” shoes in there so you can try check it out Number 1 BILLY’S BILLY’S is also located in Harajuku not far from KICKS LAB why is BILLY’S my most favorite store because i bought a few pairs of shoes there they have a really good collection, various sizes and the most important is the customer service the service was fast and really satisfying from start to finish, everything was smooth so if you are going on Holiday to Japan dont forget to visit Harajuku and buy some sneakers at BILLY’S other than the 5 sneaker shops that i’ve mentioned I also want to recommend for those who are going to Tokyo you can check out nike and adidas stores adidas store is everywhere but the best nike store is in Harajuku i am recommending you to visit these stores because at adidas and nike stores when you are shopping as tourist you dont need to pay tax in the 5 sneaker shops i’ve mentioned earlier you need to pay tax the difference in price can be quite substantial but at adidas or nike store the stocks are more limited they wouldn’t have “rare” sneakers like the 5 sneaker shops i want to recommend one other place when in Tokyo go to Odaiba area there is a mall called “VENUS FORT” inside, there is a nike factory store when i went there they had really good deals but there is no ADIDAS (in the mall) only NIKE if you like nike and want a bargain at the factory store, items are discounted up to 40 – 50 percent so if you can find what you want and they have your size that would be great! thank you for watching if you like this kind of content please click like and subscribe button below you can also check my instagram @dennispondaag ok see you on the next video