Today we are at Koch arena at
Wichita State University and we are kicking off literacy month. [basketball game sounds] We are here with Storytime village and we
actually are at a basketball game. The basketball game is between the
Wichita Police Department and Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office.
And so we are having an awesome time here celebrating literacy,
celebrating each other and just having a good time. We’re here with
all of the 3rd graders From several of our elementary schools, and
they’re here celebrating literacy and their desire to be proficient;
which is one of our long-term goals being proficient in greeting my
third grade. “I can read in red, I can read in blue, I can read in
pickle color, too. Read in bed, and purple and in brown. I can read in a
circle and upside down.” [Applause] It’s a lot of work to get all these
third graders here. We have to coordinate buses, we have to
coordinate lunches, we have to coordinate all the schedules back at
the school. So anytime that we go on a field trip of this magnitude
it is definitely an orchestration. We have tons of partners; Storytime
Village is here, Westar Energy is here, we have the Harlem
Globetrotters here, we have some WSU superstars here, and we have tons
and tons of community leaders that are here to help us celebrate
literacy. Every student, third grade student that is here will receive a
book from one of our sponsors and they will be able to take that home and
add that to their library at home.